Ensuring you have the right insurance as a tradesman

It is great to see so many people taking the leap of faith into self-employment recently. Although many businesses were adversely impacted by the pandemic, it does seem Covid-19 has made many people to reflect on what they want to do with the rest of their lives. For some, that is moving from employment or unemployment into their own businesses. There is an awful lot to think about when you are a business start-up. One vital thing is ensuring you have the right insurance as a tradesman or tradeswoman.

Ensuring you have the right insurance as a tradesman

You might be surprised at how many types of tradesman insurance cover you should be looking at as a small business. The key to ensuring you have the right insurance as a tradesman is making sure your specialist business insurance policy covers the specific needs of yourself and your business. You can get policies made for those who work alone and others for those who employ other people.

Is insurance essential for a tradesman?

The answer to this question is a resounding yes! Whether you are a one-man band or you have employees, business insurance is essential. Tradesman insurance is marketed with that term but applies to both men and women. It applies to people who are self-employed and using their skills in a manual job. Examples include decorators, dog groomers, plumbers, mechanics, builders, bricklayers and man and van operations.

Types of tradesman insurance

It often surprises people to know that public liability insurance is not a legal requirement. However, many businesses consider it essential protection for when a member of the public claims compensation from them. This insurance also gives a degree of credibility with potential customers.

Employers’ liability insurance is a legal requirement even if you only employ one person. It gives your staff protection in the event of an accident or illness due to the work they do. If you find yourself paying compensation for such matters, this insurance is your friend.

You may need to insure your stock against risks of loss, theft, fire or flood damage. The same applies to any tools you use in your trade.

When considering ensuring you have the right tradesman insurance in place, it is vital you consider all potential risks. Ask more long-standing businesses what has gone wrong for them. Look out for disasters like fire and flood risks. They may seem unlikely but they do happen so having something like business interruption insurance in place is sensible. Let’s face it, not many of us saw the pandemic happening with all its adverse impact on so many businesses. Be prepared for the worst case scenario.

Other types of insurance include goods in transit, buildings insurance, hired in plant insurance and engineering insurance.


Ensuring you have the right insurance as a tradesman is all about taking out insurance policies that are tailored to your particular circumstances. If you are new to all this talk to a business advisor or contacts who are already in successful businesses.


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