Carp fishing for beginners

I have always thought fishing is a great pastime. As a teenager, I hated how my dad would take my brother fishing but didn’t see it as a suitable hobby for his daughter. Now my children are older and I have more time on my hands, I am wondering whether I should add fishing to the list of things I should do for fun. I was talking to a friend who says there is nothing quite like carp fishing. I had only vaguely even heard of carp so have looked into carp fishing for beginners.

carp fishing for beginners

What is carp?

Carp are various species of oily freshwater fish. That must mean they are good to eat. Apparently they come from the family Cyprinidae, a large group of fish found in Europe and Asia originally but present in other continents like America too. You can eat carp although I don’t know anyone who has actually done so.

How is Carp fishing for beginners?

It seems that carp can be shy so fishing successfully for them can be a challenge for beginners. I guess it depends on your personality. I enjoy a challenge so am attracted at the idea of giving carp fishing a go. We always learn from trying new things. Beginners need to invest in some equipment such as rods and reels. There are also products you can get to ensure you are as comfortable as possible as you may have to wait before you get your first bite. You can get shelters, brollies and even sleeping bags if you fancy an overnight session.

Carp fishing bait for beginners

If carp can be a little shy it is important to have the right bait to attract them. Different anglers have their favourite type of carp fishing bait and will be very loyal to them. You could try all manner of things from sweetcorn to bread to maggots. You will find what works best for you and apparently sometimes you need to change your carp fishing ways according to the season.

Groups for Carp Fishing beginners

The lovely thing about the Internet is that you can always find an online group for whatever your interest might be. There are a fair few Facebook groups happy to share stories and tips from the world of carp fishing. You can share your impressive catches and get support when it isn’t going so well. You can even make new friends and join them on carp fishing trips at home and overseas. Members of groups can point you in the direction of relevant videos, podcasts and blog about carp fishing.

Benefits of carp fishing

All fishing can help you get away from it all which we all need in the modern world. It is brilliant for relieving stress and helping you forget your everyday troubles. Carp fishing is more laid back than match fishing so you really can relax or take time to socialise with other fishermen. You can be patient with yourself and will get better with practice. The great thing is that carp can grow up to 1001bs so when you catch one it really is a big achievement.

Do you have experience of carp fishing?

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