Beautiful Bathroom Furniture Brands
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Beautiful bathroom furniture brands

Every year, the beautiful bathroom furniture brands release an awesome array of products in what’s probably an apparent show of might. They all design and launch futuristic items that they know that savvy, fashion-loving homeowners who love sprucing up their bathrooms will buy.

Beautiful bathroom furniture brands

While this year hasn’t been any different, competition among this exclusive group is making it hard for clients to discern who among these brands is worth buying from. And not even the high-profile exhibitions held in different parts of the planet help.

Thankfully, pundits and those who follow the latest happenings in the industry know who leads when it comes to bathroom furniture. According to them, for a brand to be considered among the best, it must exhibit ingenuity, uniqueness, and perfection in its assortment of furniture. They additionally state that those whose customers are happy also are rightly considered the best manufacturers of bathroom furniture.

With that, why don’t we look at who among them appear among the best six?

1. Kohler

With more than 130 years of existence, Kohler keeps reigning amongst manufacturers of bathroom furniture today. The secret behind Kohler’s success is its team whose brilliance in developing elegant, stylish products for its discerning clientele is unmatched.

They also invest in cutting-edge technologies and study the market demands, knowing too well that the next frontier is with the needs of the customers. Even The New York Times gives Kohler’s beautiful array of vanities a thumbs-up.

2. Gessi

It’s not a coincidence that Gessi ranks among the best bathroom furniture makers. This Italian brand is highly revered thanks to the cutting-edge technology it invests in along with this assortment of top-quality products.

From wall-mounted mirrors, bathroom wall shelves, towel racks and a host of other products, this brand has them all. And from a simple look, you will tell that Gessi is serious about its mission of making beautiful, functional and extraordinary bathroom accessories.

3. Toto

Despite being the world’s leading manufacturer of plumbing products, Toto has a name in the bathroom furniture industry. Their vast array of beautiful bathroom fixtures and fittings, faucets, shower valves among other products is a testament to that.

One of the best things with Toto is its dedication to environmental conservation. They boast a state-of-the-art product recycling plant in Georgia – a facility that gives them a competitive edge in terms of producing awesome products while keeping the costs low. Other than that, it is their careful, customer-oriented style of manufacturing goods that keeps them releasing great goods.

4. James Martin Furniture

James Martin is not a stranger in the world of bathroom furniture, especially those which dwell on traditional designs. It’s a pretty young brand as it was founded in 2004. But their sudden growth to be among the best makers of innovative, designer and top-quality wooden bathroom vanities is no mean feat. Their products range from the vintage-inspired, rustic and transitional ones, all the way to the contemporary vanities.

5. Villeroy & Boch

Villeroy & Boch continues to be an embodiment of innovative and stylish bathrooms today, 182 years after it was formed. Their selection of ceramic bathroom furniture that includes vanity units, cabinets, shelves other ensembles has long remained a trendsetter in the industry. For those who prefer accessorizing their bathrooms with items that have deep roots in the European culture, Villeroy & Boch is the best.

6. Kalessi

Kalessi is relatively young, but the amount of innovation in their products is incredible. They customize their assortment of bathroom furniture to their clients, a factor that perfectly suits those who prefer having unique, modernized kitchens. However, they invest in innovation as well, ensuring that every client is happy and before a product leaves their premises, it is carefully inspected.

Can you suggest beautiful bathroom furniture brands to my readers?

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