Great Reasons To Spend Time In Your Garden
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Great reasons to spend time in your garden

There are many great reasons to spend time in your garden if you are lucky enough to have one. However, if you are like myself, you can feel it is a bit of an indulgence. I have recently started to go outside first thing in the morning to take in the blue skies and the fresh air. I see it as part of my self-care routine. I want to encourage you to do the same so here are 5 great reasons to spend time in your garden. I honestly believe you can benefit from spending time in the garden whether reading a book or taking on a garden makeover.

Stress relief – just one of the great reasons to spend time in your garden

Our lives can be so overwhelming these days as we juggle the pressures of our real world and our online one. Only last week, I was really struggling to see the brighter side of life. At times like this, we need to take ourselves off and focus on something other than our problems. Even a simple task such as weeding connects us with nature and that is so good for our mental well-being.  If you want to truly banish the stress, leave your phone indoors!

Physical exercise

Much like walking, gardening is a form of physical exercise that can really build up quite quickly over time. You can use so many muscle groups as you dig, mow, plant and weed. Would you prefer to do a weight-lifting session at the gym or to lift compost bags and other gardening items out in the sunshine? We know the link between physical and mental health now so the doing a bit of a garden workout also makes you feel better emotionally.

Connection with others

I think one of the best reasons to spend time in your garden is the connection with others. That might be something simple like listening to bird song or watching pretty butterflies.  Community spirit can be built up with neighbours when you are out in your garden perhaps sharing what you are doing or even those problems you were finding overwhelming. Gardening is a great activity for all the members of your family too. You can allocate tasks to your little ones and teenagers to persuade them away from their screens. Older generations can sit and watch sharing their expertise or taking on lighter tasks.

Bringing the outside in

If you are still not convinced of the reasons to spend time in your garden, be aware that the pleasure can continue even when you return indoors.  You don’t need to buy expensive flowers if you can bring some from your own garden. I have recently bought some oasis so I can use bark, foliage and twigs to make decorations for my home. We are also going to start growing fruit and vegetables. My teenage son wants to be a chef and I love the idea of him seeing the ingredients grow outside and then cooking up a storm in the kitchen.

Creative reasons to spend time in your garden

We all need creative outlets to express ourselves and sometimes to remember who we are. I remember as a child how I was fascinated by how my parents would have such different ideas for our garden. In your outside space, you are in charge and can go for something very traditional or something quite bold. I like the English country garden look and you might like to take your inspiration from another country. I find when I am creative in any field, I feel happier and my self-esteem gets a boost.

What are your great reasons to spend time in your garden?

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  • stickymudandbellylaughs

    I don’t need much of an excuse to get in the garden. I love gardening, I find it very therapeutic and a brilliant escapism for when our house gets loud and crazy (which is quite often!). x #MMBC

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