Get Your Kids Away From Their Screens

9 fun activities to get your kids away from their screens

Here are 9 fun activities to get your kids away from their screens. I think that is a really powerful way to make you a happy mum.

Get Your Kids Away From Their Screens

If your children seem permanently attached to their various machines, I feel your pain. I have a tween and teens who have various machines and I worry they spend too much time on them too. Here are some ideas that have worked for myself and other mums that really do persuade them that there is more to life than screen time.

There’s an art to it!

Arts and crafts – my daughter would always choose this over screen time. Catherine tells us: “Mine can always be tempted by the chance to get grubby outdoors! Adding in a bit of craft helps too, we love making journey sticks: ”

Baking – we did it with our own mums and it almost always works. Lynsey explains: “most kids love it especially when they get to eat what they have made ”

Boating – When we took a boating holiday, the biggest win for me was how the children showed no interest in video games whatsoever and just relished a slower pace of life in a natural environment.

Traditional activities work well

Board games – there are a huge variety to choose from and the old ones like Monopoly and Cluedo never seem to go out of fashion. Jaki says “I don’t tend to ask. I just go and get them out and start looking like I’m going to play on my own and nine times out of ten little man puts the Ipad down and comes and joins in with me!”

Garden time – Lauren advises: “Get them into the garden to make a bug hotel smile emoticon:) It’s fun, outdoors, they can get messy & learn about wildlife”

Kite-flying – we have all done this one and it stands the test of time and can be quite exhilarating. As Vikki says: “It is so much fun for everyone and I find it creates a bit of healthy competition between family!”

Get your kids away from their screens

Play dates – these are even easier for you and better for them if you can get them outdoors in a park or other open space. Beth comments: “It’s amazing what kids can come up with together.”

Treasure hunt – you can do this cheaply and just about anywhere. Kerry suggests trying one in your own garden or in a forest.

9 Fun Activities To Get Your Kids Away From Their Screens

Woodwork – my brother used to love doing this and it seems he is not alone. Leandra tells us “Thomas’s favourite thing to do at the moment is fiddle around with wood. He has some wood with holes in and I give him a hammer & nails, screw drivers and screws. Keeps him busy for ages!”

Which of the 9 fun activities to get your kids away from their screens works best for you?

Do you have any other tips on how to get your kids away from their screens to make the most of the holidays?


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16 thoughts on “9 fun activities to get your kids away from their screens”

  1. Any outdoor time is great. I read that kids should have an hour of green space. I love to get her outside! It is good for me as well. Play in the woods. Throw sticks in the brook. Bang sticks on trees. All part of growing up.

  2. I feel super lucky that my kids actually like to sit and read. They also play a lot with Monster High dolls and baby dolls. But crafts (especially painting) will win them over almost every time. This is a great list of ideas to keep the kids from having too much screen time in a day!

  3. I am always up for activities that keep kids of the screen. I find it hard sometimes as mine are two and three so boardgames typically don’t work and my youngest is only entertained by crafts for so long – not to mention I am rubbish at them. We make a lot of cakes and get out a lot as I find that the best way to entertain them. I am hoping as they get older non screen activities will be easier. Thanks for joining us at #familyfun

  4. These are fantastic suggestions. We often do crafts and baking and they do keep the screen time away for quite a while. I’m hoping to get lots of garden time in soon.
    Thank you for joining #ThursdayTeam

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