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Fancy a perfect Valentines Day? Do you love the sales?

It won’t surprise my regular readers that I enjoy getting a bargain. That is why you will often find me in charity shops and occasionally on Ebay.

So I was delighted to know there is a website where you can find out all about the sales in different shops covering a range of items from fashion, electronics, home, garden, sports, gifts or anything else that takes your fancy.

I like to celebrate Valentines Day but please don’t buy me anything obvious off a supermarket shelf. Something like this under-stated jumper would be a much better idea.

perfect Valentines Day

Of course if I am dressing to impress my daughter will want to be in on the action and as she is food-obsessed this T-shirt would suit her.

pizza T-shirt

Thinking about my first born and how many times we did the “To the Moon and back” love chat, I might indulge in this treat to remember those early days.

heart jewellery

If I was looking for a fella, I might choose this fun and frolicsome treat.

heart bra

What is your idea of a perfect Valentines Day?

For me, it is all about someone putting a little thought into the day. I don’t need to have a fortune spent on me. I just need to know you care and have listened so that you know me well and know what I would like. You won’t go far wrong with an Eggs Benedict breakfast followed by a new coffee flavour and letting me read before going out for a country walk. If you throw theatre tickets in for the end of the day, we will be a love match forever.

Children can make me happy simply by making me something whether a card, a work of art or something yummy.

You see the perfect Valentines Day is not that complicated after all.

If you want some inspiration for treats for yourself or your loved ones at any time of year check out Love the Sales.

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