5 Smart Ways to Keep Warm in Winter

Winter is an amazing time of the year with many holidays and more fun. However, the freezing temperatures can make it hard to get outside and have fun. The good news is that there are ways to keep warm even in the most freezing temperatures.

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How to Keep Warm during Winter

  • Dress in layers

We all know that you must wear clothes in layers before you go outside. The same case applies to when you are inside your house. Wear hats, gloves, and scarves when going out and when in the house, ensure that you put on some warm socks and slippers to feel warm.  When it gets too hot, try a polyester t-shirt close to your skin and avoid layering too much that you end up drenched in sweat. Never put on clothes that haven’t dried well during winter. You will end up with a serious illness with all the cold. Instead, get fisher and paykal dryer parts and have your dryer fixed.  Apart from silk, the best fabrics to wear during winter are fleece, wool, and flannels.

  • Prepare warm foods

The foods you eat during the cold season are different from the ones you consume during the warm season. The perfect winter foods usually need a significant amount of time when cooking and baking. Apart from making you warm, cooking meals in your house during winter makes the whole home warmer. Preparing your meals at home also saves you the money that you would otherwise use in a restaurant. There is also the cost of traveling in the cold and paying for food deliveries, you can eliminate all that by cooking your meals at home.

  • Seal any leaks

A breezy home is usually a cold one. Leaks in your home during winter allow cold air to enter and warm air to leave the house. You can reduce the amount of heat that is being lost. Check for any leaks in your doors and windows by lookout for light that is coming in even when the door and windows are closed. You can seal the drafts on your own; you don’t necessarily need a professional. Place a rolled spare towel underneath your door to prevent cold air from coming in and warm air from escaping.

  • Stay active

It can be hard to get up and exercise during winter, but you don’t have to give up. There are many benefits of staying active during winter. With a little preparation, you will be able to exercise. But before you get out to exercise, make sure that you insulate your body, find an entertaining activity, and keep your clothes on your body. It is also essential to stay hydrated even if you are not thirsty, walk close to your home or at an enclosed location like in a mall, you can also make a home gym.

Staying active doesn’t always mean that you exercise; you can do some chores instead of just sitting around near the fireplace.

  • Use a humidifier

Temperature is not the only factor that determines how cold the house can get. Humidity also plays a significant role. Use a humidifier to make your home warmer and add moisture into the dry winter air. Don’t worry if you don’t have a humidifier, boil a big crock of water and let the hot steam moisturize the air.

The Bottom Line

Heating your home during winter is usually one of the maximum utility costs, you should therefore find creative ways to stay warm and cozy, and keep in mind that staying warm isn’t just about putting on clothes in layers. You need to stay active, seal any leaks and prepare warm food in your home, and protect yourself from the many winter health risks.


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