Signs You're About To Go Into Labor

Signs that you’re about to go into Labor

Despite what Hollywood movies have lead you to believe, the signs of going into labor can be rather subtle. When you are waiting to go into labor, you might be surprised to realize how confusing the signs can be. Sometimes, expecting moms can experience signs of labor several days before the actual birth takes place. Take a look at the following 7 signs that you are about to go into labor.

  1. Backache

Honestly speaking, your back has probably been aching for months already. But, this back pain is slightly more particular. Known as ‘back labor’, this is the type of pain that occurs when the contractions begin, but are localized in the lower back because of how your baby has positioned itself. You may even start to feel aches in your groin as well due to the muscles and joints getting ready for the birth.

  1. Ligaments start to loosen

During the duration of your pregnancy a hormone, relaxin, gets released. This hormone serves to help your connective tissues to loosen up. This then helps your pelvis to open and allow you to give birth. Relaxin, however, does not only loosen up the connective tissues that hold the joints in the pelvis together. Relaxin will loosen all your joints, therefore, you may be clumsier than usual. The closer you get to your labor day, the more clumsy you will feel.

  1. The Mucous Plug is Released

Mucous blocks the cervix in order to protect your growing baby. As the cervix starts to dilate, this plug will be released. Since it is not always released intact, some women do not realize it.

  1. Diarrhea

You can develop diarrhea or even just loose stools from prostaglandins hormones. Your body may also develop signs of diarrhea a couple days before labor as a way to empty out the bowels, helping the uterus to contract effectively.

  1. Contractions

Contractions are caused by the uterus contracting and release, helping to dilate the cervix and then help the newborn move down the birth canal. Braxton-Hicks contractions are mild contractions that expecting mothers can experience a few weeks before labor. Labor contractions get progressively more intense until you feel an intense tightness in the front of your stomach. Some moms have found devices like Bloomlife smart contraction monitor  when preparing for labor.

  1. The ‘Nesting’ feeling

Some women suddenly feel the need to organize their home, clean everything, or just make sure the home is more than ready for the baby. Others feel as if they are becoming sick, and feel more tired. If you suddenly feel a change in energy levels, it could be your body telling you that it is almost time for labor.

  1. The “Lightening” Sensation

Some expecting moms will feel this sensation, as if their baby has dropped, when their baby is preparing and moving towards the cervix. It does not necessarily happen the day of labor, it can even happen a couple of weeks before going into labor.

Always remember that your labor signs can be different to what you might be expecting so pay attention to your body, and treat yourself well.


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