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The importance of spelling correctly

Are you good at spelling? What is the importance of spelling correctly in life?

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Today is Misspelling Day and I am asking you to get involved on your social networks in support of Save the Children UK and the #ReadonGetOn campaign.

The importance  of spelling correctly

If we want children to achieve their potential and to enhance their life chances we need them to be good at reading.

This is what the #ReadOnGetOn campaign is all about – doing something to ensure our children read well rather than leaving it to chance.

It is so very easy to get involved in Misspelling Day.

Simply send a tweet or make Facebook post where you make deliberate spelling mistakes.

It is hoped that if enough people get involved (and it only takes seconds to do so_), it will draw attention to the #ReadonGeton campaign and get more people signing the petition.

Act Now: Sign the petition calling on party leaders to make a commitment to get every child reading well at age 11 by 2025.

Here is the message to leaders

I call on you to make a commitment to get every child reading well at age 11 by 2025. Together, we will ensure that all children have a brighter future.

If you find it difficult to argue with that, please sign the petition.

Do you have any feelings about the importance of spelling correctly?

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