5 best non-profits in NYC

New York City is home to many non-profit organizations. These foundations help the needy, thus striving to make the city a better place – to the less fortunate. Here are five best non-profits in the city who have created a positive impact in New York City.

  1. New York Cares

The organization was founded in 1987 by a group of New York residents to take action against social injustices within the city. New York Cares focuses on managing volunteer work. With over 65,000 volunteers record per year, the organization engages an approximate of 1,300 non-profit initiatives and school programs. The organization works to cater to individual needs and better education in the city. They manage up to 1,600 volunteer programs per month. The organization has special programs that help raise money to cater for charity services. One of the events is the New York Cares Day, which is their most special volunteer day, which they use to raise funds for education initiatives, and re-energize New York Cares public schools.

  1. Salvation Army

Salvation Army is a Christian foundation that offers charity service to both children and grown-ups. Although its primary mission is to spread the Gospel, the organization also desires to help the needy. It provides a range of public services, including housing services, where they have established emergency shelters, group homes, and transitional living centers. They contribute to relieving anger through sit-down meal initiative and soup kitchens. The organization also has a rehabilitation program for adults where they provide counseling services, residential housing, and job opportunities. The organization’s prison department offers work training and job assistance. The foundation also extends its services to senior citizens and veterans.

  1. Make-A-Wish Metro New York

Make-A-Wish Metro foundation is a non-profit foundation working towards granting wishes for children diagnosed with critical diseases. The organization was established in 1983, where they serve children from the five New York regions and Nassau county. Their services also extend to 17 other counties in the Rochester and Buffalo regions. In 2018, the organization managed to grant wishes to about 1, 000 children within and out of their locality. The foundation’s mission is to grant wishes and create an impact on the children they serve.

  1. New York Cares

The organization was founded in 1987 to address the problems faced by vulnerable New Yorkers in their journey to achieve their American dream. Some of the challenges they face include unemployment, low education standards, poor nutrition, and inadequate basic needs. The organization was established to address the above issues. With over 52,000 volunteers every year, New York Cares provide a range of services through their many programs, including corporate volunteering, where the organization leads corporations to contribute basic needs to the less fortunate. Disaster Preparedness and Response is another program where the organization mobilizes volunteers during a disaster through its disaster management program. Other initiatives include Year-Round Volunteer Opportunities, Citywide Day of services, and Holiday Coat and Gift Drives.

  1. Teach to One

Teach to One is an independent and non-profit school that was established to provide more personalized learning to students across the U.S. New classrooms were created by the majority of the members of the Teach-2-One team. Joel Rose, who co-founded the program with Chris Rush, wanted to find out if the school-based program, which included collaborative, live, and online learning, could work. The school’s mission is to inspire better, unique, and better ways to personalize education for lifetime success. Teach to One has improvised a personalized curriculum that is adjusted regularly to meet students’ needs and help them discover new things, thus enhancing success. Teach on One has also implemented new ways of learning through their online programs, and students learn from multiple teachers. Parents can reach updated information through the Student Portal.





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