How Adding Some Cosy To Your Home Can Help Your Self Care

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Our homes are our sanctuaries – the place where we can get away from the world, relax and unwind with our families. That makes them a hugely important setting for our self-care. Your house should be a safe zone where you can feel supported and centered. Of course, calmness has to come from within, but the surroundings we live in do have an undeniable impact on the way that we feel. And the way in which we choose to decorate can really support our wellbeing if we make the right choices. So, how do you make your head and your home calmer spaces? 

Add Some Cosy Textures

In winter, we are all for cosying up, staying in and watching some Netflix with a hot chocolate, especially when it’s rainy, windy and cold outside. The concept of hygge has taken over all of our Insta-feeds for the past few years, but there really is something about that act of cocooning yourself from the world and celebrating cosiness that can really help to support your wellbeing, and especially when it’s cold, wet and miserable outside. So stock up on wooly socks, warm knitted blankets, faux fur throws, cushions and candles and create a glowing, warm retreat from the world.

Show Your Bed Some Love

We spend a huge amount of time in our beds, and we know that a good night’s sleep is an essential keystone habit for great health. So it makes sense to get our beds right and upgrade our choices to support that. First of all, invest in the best mattress that you can afford –  it protects the health of your back and can help to keep your body at the right temperature for sleep. Go for great bedding in natural fabrics like 100% cotton as it’s breathable, and opt for a temperature-regulating goose down duvet and some woven blankets. Don’t drown it in too many pillows, but make sure you have what you need for a comfortable night.

Show Your Personality

Reminding ourselves of happy times and all the things that we love can have a really restorative effect when you’re feeling a little frazzled or anxious. How often do we keep photos just on our phones these days? Take the time to print some of your favourite memories out – there are websites where you can get free photo prints every month – and find some gorgeous wooden frames to display them in.You’ll smile every time you see them and they’re an instant feelgood boost.

Hide All Your Wires

It’s a very simple thing, but when everywhere you look is tangled mass of wires, it can be quite draining. We have so many tech accessories and things which need charging these days, and bunched up cords are frustrating and messy. Use cord tidies to stop them trailing all over the floor, and where possible, conceal power outlets by tucking them behind furniture or even create a charging drawer by taking the back off a drawer or drilling a hole to feed a power adapter cord through – you can then shut your electronics in the drawer while they’re charging.

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