Top Tips For Finding Bargains
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Top tips for finding bargains and saving cash

My top tips for finding bargains come from years of practice. Sometimes I have not had much spare cash at all and so Have had to be thrifty. However, I must admit that I do love the thrill of getting a bargain even when there is money in the bank.

Where did this bargain-hunting come from?

I grew up with stories of extreme poverty in the Thirties. My great-great grandfather had instructed my mum to always keep her eyes down to the pavement in case she found any pennies. Mum was also sent late on Saturday to find bargains on the market as stall-holders closed up for the day. Later in life when I came along she loved going to flea markets. My brother introduced us to the concept of car boot sales and she enjoyed them regularly after that seeking our lamps and chairs in particular.

My bargain-hunting

I had gone to charity shops as a teenager but really got interested in them in my twenties even working for Oxfam’s Trading Division at one point. I find it really interesting how different charities tackle trading some known for great lighting and some mixing up old and new product including Fair Trade. Some colour code and some put retro items all in one place. What I love is that with charity shops you are always getting something cheaper than normal, you never know what you will find from one day to the next and someone down the line benefits when they need it most whether that is an old person, a child or an animal in need.


I probably got into Ebay having had children on the constant look out for storage solutions for all the stuff that comes with children. There is one infamous occasion where using two computers to find a car, both my husband and I bid successfully and ended up buying two cars instead of one!

Parenting networks

I have used parenting sites like NetMums over the year to supplement Christmas present piles and to buy clothing bundles for the children. It is good to connect with other mums with one mum getting something they need and another raising some money.

Appliances and furniture

I love the sense of community on initiatives like Freecyle now Freegle. I loved donating a really good quality cot bed to a struggling family once. Again, I think it is good for the soul to give as well as to receive from kind-hearted people.

When will I stop bargain-hunting?

I don’t think I ever will to be honest. I like the thrill of finding something unusual or way under the price you would pay in high street stores. With the wet weather, you might be looking for cheap tumble dryers or perhaps a designer outfit for Christmas parties from those designer outlet places. There is always another bargain to be found. In fact in the New Year, I would like to look into entering competitions online, affiliate links via the blog  and finding out how others use vouchers and coupons to such great effect.

Are you a bargain-hunter? What are your top tips for finding bargains?

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