How To Encourage Good Study Habits In Your Children

No matter how old your child, whether they attend a prep school in Hertfordshire or a Sixth Form College in London, they need to develop and maintain excellent study habits in order to learn effectively and progress successfully through school. Parents and teachers are the most important people in helping encourage and facilitate these habits and the earlier you institute these skills the better.

Start by designating a small space in your home for studying. Of course, your circumstances will determine what this space consists of and where; it might be a desk in your child’s bedroom or a small section of the kitchen counter. The main thing to remember is that the space should be free of distractions, such as the TV or any family activity. During these homework and sessions, try and make yourself available for your child so that they can ask you any questions they might have.

Always encourage good organisation and consistent routine. You cannot expect your child to succeed at school if they don’t know where their books are or their bags aren’t packed until the last minute. Children often struggle with organisation and they’ll need your help to make it happen. Perhaps you can prepare a checklist together that they can tick off every night before bed, to ensure they have everything they need for the following day at school. Organisation is also important when it comes to homework and assignments, as your child will need to understand how to prioritise their time.

Try and set a good example for your child when it comes to work habits and your general attitude towards learning. Children easily adopt the mind-set and behaviour of their parents, so if you’re positive about school, hardworking and organised, it’s more likely that your child will be too.

If you require any more information about how you can help your child with their education, don’t hesitate to contact the school. Your child’s teacher will likely be thrilled to hear from you as it will let them know that they have your full support. You’ll be able to update each other on your child’s progress and perhaps even request an outline of the curriculum so that you know what your child will be learning about in the upcoming term.




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  1. Some great tips here. My daughter has her own desk in her bedroom but she often decides to do homework at the kitchen table instead. I guess she’s somebody who doesn’t need peace and quiet to work – unlike me!


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