Getting Kids Off The Computer And Out On A Quad

The 21st century has seen some quite frankly amazing technological developments that affect the way we live, work and spend our leisure time. Although most of developments have been, on the whole, positive, it’s important to let our children know that there are interests and hobbies outside of the electronic sphere, one of which is quad biking.


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There is no video game or app that can match the pure adrenaline and excitement of burning around a course (or the countryside) on a purpose designed ATV. It must be noted that not every child will be interested in rugged and fast-paced outdoor adventure but if they like a challenge and are happy to get down and dirty, quad biking could be an option.

It’s important not to pressure them too much. Start off by showing them some YouTube clips of ATV riders going through their paces and see if it’s something they might like to try. If they show an interest, or even better start chomping at the bit to get out and try it, look for a local ATV course where they offer age/size appropriate machines. If it turns out to be something they want to pursue, there are a range of kids’ quads for sale from reputable dealers up and down the country. These quads will range from the very cheap to top of the range machines that have been primed and modified for racing. Your quad dealer should be able to provide you with some more information as to the most suitable machine for your child’s new found interest. There are also dealers that offer road legal buggy finance to help you in purchasing the quad bike.

If you are thinking about buying a quad for your kid, please see below for a few of things that need to be covered.

Top Tips When Introducing Children To Quad Biking

The list below contains just a few things you should do before introducing children to quad biking, listed in no particular order:

Safety – This is the number one priority bar none and you should outline all safety considerations well in advance of getting on a quad bike. Special emphasis should be placed on:

  • Safety Equipment – Wear helmets, gloves, goggles, knee and arm pads


  • Instruction – Make sure they receive adequate instruction as to how to manoeuvre and stop the ATV safely


  • Course Conditions – If you think the ATV course is too challenging for their skill level or presents danger, walk away


  • Get Advice From Your Quad Dealer – Your quad dealer is a valuable source of advice and will only be happy to provide you with any safety information

two-little-girls-overalls-inspecting-quad-bike Quad

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You also need to instil a sense of responsibility and stress that ATV’s can be dangerous and there’s absolutely no excuse for breaking any safety rules.

Lessons – If you are not an experienced quad bike rider yourself, consider hiring someone to teach your kid the basics. This will give them a good grounding for safe practices and develop their all-round awareness.

If carried out safely, quad biking is an ideal hobby that many kids will love. Give it a go and enquire at your local ATV track today.





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