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 How to make the most out of a solo staycation

For the foreseeable future, many of us are unable to travel to pre-booked holiday destinations, head to the coast with family, or go out for a day trip with friends. To get through these uncertain times and avoid missing out on lovely holiday feelings, make the most of having time to yourself by creating a solo staycation scenario within the comfort of your own home. Here are a handful of ways to recreate some quintessential holiday experiences to keep you feeling hopeful and excited about future travel.

Try some new cuisine

Cooking can be a fun, creative past-time that many of us don’t have the time to take up in everyday life. There’s everything you need available thanks to social media and online searches for new recipes that you’ve not had chance to try. Not only will this keep you entertained, but you’ll be excited to try the real thing when heading abroad is once again on the agenda.

One of the best things about travelling to a new destination is the local food and dining experiences; from sushi to seafood, there’s some amazing dishes around the world to experience. To recreate one at home, have a go at cooking a local dish from you dream holiday destination – whether that’s Italy or India – and have a taste of what’s to come when you try the real thing.

Indulge in a spa day

Many people love a relaxing holiday full of pampering and lounging by the pool. To recreate a similar experience, take a day to yourself and indulge in your mind and body by trying some meditation followed by a hot bubble bath, or a face mask and foot spa. A few hours of self-care can boost your mood drastically and will help you to feel rejuvenated and uplifted for the whole day.

If you have a garden, make the most of the warm weather by soaking up some sunshine with a cooling drink and some of your favourite tunes on shuffle to recreate that much-loved pool-lounging experience that you get abroad.

Play classic games with the family

On holiday, the night-time entertainment and parties often create great family memories and are looked forward to by everyone. This can be easily replicated at home and allow you to bond with your family.

Classic games such as Bingo, Karaoke and card games are popular on many resort holidays which can easily be replicated at home with some music, nibbles and drinks. If you’re not with your family at home during this time, Use FaceTime or Skype to hold a call for your family members spread the happiness with some much-needed interaction.

Plan your next trip

The best way to get excited for your next holiday is to get inspiration on which great travel destinations are on the list to visit through online searches, whether that’s a trip abroad or to one of the UK’s seaside towns.

If you fancy a holiday without the flight, the south coast of the UK is a popular holiday location for many, with stunning, rural views, greenery and miles of beaches. Areas like Devon capture tourists throughout the year to experience its sandy beaches, local history and gorgeous national parks. For somewhere to stay on the south coast, Sweetcombe Cottage Holidays offer quaint and luxurious cottages to rent in Devon, providing a cosy place to sleep after a day of exploring the local area – whether you enjoy walking with your dogs and local cuisine, or soaking in the sun on the beach in between swimming.

In this area, you can enjoy hotspots like The English Riviera: a series of picturesque towns including Torquay, Paignton and Brixham on the south coast. While exploring Devon, follows the coastline and take in the impressive cliffs of the northern Exmoor Coast and rock formations on the fossil-rich southern Jurassic Coast – a holiday to get truly excited about.



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