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Daily contact lenses and a new adventure

I am short-sighted and after years of wearing glasses I am tempted to get some contact lenses. For whatever reason I was into my late teens before my parents worked out I had issues with my eyes. I remember the optician saying they wondered how I had got such good exam results when I could not possibly have been able to see the blackboard. With my own children, they have had regular eye checks and two of them are very short-sighted and wear glasses.

My history with glasses and contact lenses

My first pair of glasses was so ugly and it was not long before I decided to try contact lenses. I thought I looked better in them but this was back in the Eighties and I found them uncomfortable to put in and wear. There is an infamous occasion where on a date my contact lenses were playing up so badly that my eyes were streaming with tears which must have made my date a little uncomfortable. It was not long after that that I went back to wearing glasses.

Considering contact lenses again

In my last couple of eye tests, my optician has mentioned the possibility of me using contact lenses again. At first I was against the idea remembering the hassles of yesteryear. However, it only takes someone to mention an idea a couple of times for it to make me wonder. Contact lenses sound so much better these days. There is only one way to find out for sure so I am going to give them a whirl.

Focus Dailies contact lenses

I like to do my research before making decisions. I am considering Focus Dailies contact lenses available from Vision Direct who are a respected brand. Having put off the whole idea of contact lenses for years, it is brilliant to know that I can get next day delivery to start my new adventure with them. Initial ordering is simple and reordering just involves 3 clicks from email. You can even reorder by text which is super convenient in my busy life.  You have the freedom to order the amount you need when you need them. When comparing with high street opticians, the same brands seem to be available but Vision Direct seems to offer better value. As a newbie to new style contact lenses the fact that customer service is available 24 hours per day 7 days per week is hugely reassuring.


I have spoken to friends who wear contact lenses. They tell me contact lenses are definitely the way forward. It seems they combine good vision with comfort and convenience. Wish me luck on my new contact lenses adventure.

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