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5 Family Friendly Ways to Spruce Up Your Garden

This year, for a change, the UK has been enjoying a stupendous summer, and hopefully, there’s more on the way. If you’ve been enjoying the sunshine in your garden and are now starting to wonder whether there are ways how you can make the outside more appealing, then this article is for you! With a little tweak here and some rearranging there, you’ll soon have a garden everyone in the family can enjoy. The ideas you’re about to read about are pretty simple, and you don’t need to be a DIY whizz kid either. Even the smallest of gardens can be made to look more appealing.

Add Some Colour

Is your garden in desperate need of some colour? Are the flower borders looking wilted and sad? There are some great planters you can buy to fill with fresh and colourful blooms. Alternatively, drag those long-forgotten plant pots out of the garden shed and give them a lick of paint.

Add a Water Feature

We’re not talking baroque water fountains; a simple birdbath will do. However, if you want to push the boat out and add something a little grander, feel free to do so. Water-garden.co.uk has some great water accessories for your garden, and as well as looking good, water features will bring in hordes of wildlife and your kids will love looking out for them and feeding them in the winter.

Add a Chalkboard

Remember when you were a kid drawing hopscotch squares on the pavement? Rather than encouraging your children to draw on the patio and walls, why not provide them with their very own blackboard mounted on your garden fence? Chalk does wash away very easily so don’t be too mad if when your back is turned, they turn your back garden into their very own art gallery.

A Veg Garden

Encouraging your kids to grow their own fruit and vegetables has some surprising benefits. It’s a learning experience and a good exercise in responsibility. It could be a few small pots in which to grow tomatoes or a small plot where they can grow much more. Some of the easiest of plants to grow for children include strawberries, carrots, radishes, beans, peas and cherry tomatoes. There are even child-sized gardening tools worth considering.

Garden Swing

Having a swing in the garden is great in a number of ways. It can be fun and soothing swinging back and forth but is also good for developing balance. If you’ve got the space for a swing, add one. You can buy swing sets, or alternatively, hang a couple of ropes from a tree branch.

These few ideas should provide you with some inspiration. Encouraging all members of the family to spend more time outside is beneficial. Not just for health but for your general wellbeing. Admittedly, the weather in the UK is not always the best, but let’s hope that this year’s glorious summer will be repeated. Even if it isn’t, there’s no excuse for not getting out in the garden more. It’s only rain after all!





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