Flight delays and claiming compensation

Flight delays have the potential to wreck holidays and disrupt business plans. They can be under an hour or more than one day or anything in between. One delayed flight can mess up all the follow-up travel plans from getting a connecting flight to missing out on the public transport you had planned to get you nearer home.

Little things can make it less stressful depending on the causes and length of the delay. It might be that the airline offers you complimentary refreshments.

An apology helps but is so often not given in case it means admitting liability when often a sorry would make air passengers feel so much better about their plight.

It can be stressful whatever your circumstances but if you have children who get bored easily it can be an absolute nightmare. This is worse if your children are so young that you cannot really explain to them what is going on and that everything will turn out OK in the end. Couples often handle stress in different ways too so that might add domestic strife to an already challenging situation.

We all have lives away from our holiday period or business tasks. Sometimes we are juggling a lot of responsibilities. This might mean we have people who rely on us as unpaid carers to someone who is old and frail or someone with mental or physical health issues. Perhaps we left children at home with someone else who is only available for a limited period.

It can be nerve-wracking if you are the victim of a longer flight delay worrying where you are going to spend the night. You might have limited funds available at the end of a holiday.

Claiming compensation for flight delays takes a little time and effort but if you have suffered in some of the ways above, a successful claim might make you feel a whole lot better.

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