Ways To Extend Your Garden's Growing Season
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Ways to extend your garden’s growing season

If you are a fan of growing things in your garden, then you are likely to want to make the most of any time that you have to flex those green fingers. Let’s look at ways to extend your garden’s growing season.

The trouble is, if you live in the UK, then you are always at the mercy of the weather, and as we all know, this isn’t always the kindest. That said, there are ways that you can extend your growing season.

To help you, we have put together our guide on 5 ways that you can extend your garden’s growing season and make sure that you enjoy gardening as much of the year as you can.

Buy yourself a polytunnel

If your concern is always to protect the plants that you have and make sure that they have the ideal conditions to grow, then you may need to invest in a polytunnel. These simple pieces of garden equipment are similar in functionality as a greenhouse, however, they are not a permanent building. They give your plants, fruits and vegetables a protective space to grow, making sure that they do not suffer from the heat, the cold, the wind the rain and even strong sunlight which can also cause them to struggle to grow. They also come in a range of sizes which is ideal for gardens that might not be the biggest.

Raise up your beds to extend your garden’s growing season

Want to make sure that your garden plants have the best opportunity to grow and want to be able to prolong their season as long as possible? If this is true for you then you may want to consider creating raised beds to plant them in. Not only do raised beds look great, but they also gives your plants a fighting chance. You will be less likely to step on them as you walk around the garden and they will be at less risk from pests, weeds and of course the weather too. These are also a great DIY project, something that you can do at home using recycled materials.

Don’t overwater, let the rain do it instead!

We all know that our gardens will need water to grow, but this doesn’t mean that we should overwater them. Overwatering can be just as dangerous as underwatering your garden. Overwatering encourages the roots of your plant to remain at the soil’s surface, rather than digging further down, this means that the roots will dry out quicker when the weather is warmer and that they won’t have quite as many nutrients to absorb. This can mean that your garden doesn’t last quite as long as it could. You need to embrace the natural water that is sure to come from rain, rather than always watering yourself. After all, rain is something that we see plenty of here in the UK.

Use your compost as a warming blanket

Compost piles is are always a good idea for your garden. They not only help you to reduce the food waste that you may produce at home, but this will then help your garden to grow as best it can. Not only is compost ideal for delivering some nutrients, particularly during those off times when your plants are going to need a real helping hand. But it can also help to warm through your soil too, which will be ideal when the weather is a little colder. It covers the soil, which creates a layer to protect it, not only this but the chemical reactions in the compost can sometimes create a warming effect which will help your plants too.

Start by planting inside

Now, this may sound like an obvious approach, but by starting your planting inside you are going your plants a fighting chance to survive the elements outside. Those precious little seedlings are not exactly the strongest of things, which means that any helping hand that you can give them is going to help them when you put them out in the garden. You will need to find space for them to grow of course, which may limit the amount of plants that you can grow, but having them inside is not only great for the plants, but also means that you can encourage your family to join you in your gardening quest too.

In the UK we don’t always have the best weather, but that doesn’t mean that we can’t embrace the wonder of gardening as much of the year as we can. All you need to do is think about ways that you can help all those precious plants to grow, no matter how uninviting the weather could look outside.

Do you have suggestions for ways to extend your garden’s growing season to share with my readers?


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