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Which part of Germany is best to visit?

I was fortunate enough to visit Germany as a young adult. My parents helped me fall in love with the country by taking me there to celebrate me turning 21 years of age. As I have a December birthday, we went at Christmas making it extra special. I remember amazing food, friendly people and our trip to Cologne most of all. With pandemic restrictions easing, it is time to travel again. Which part of Germany is best to visit?

which part of Germany is best to visit

Which part of Germany is best to visit for food and drink?

I am tempted to say all of it. I guess as I was brought up in the Seventies I would direct you straight to the Black Forest to taste the famous cake. You may be more into fine dining in which case Berlin has an exciting food scene. Let’s not forget that Germany is famous for wine and I indulged in some amazing ones when I visited the Rhine Valley all those years ago. In fact, one of my precious memories is a trip on train with my late dad ending up at a wine tasting session. I intend to visit Bamberg in September to check out its numerous brewpubs. I am really intrigued by the bacon-tasting beer Rauchbier.

Where in Germany is best to visit for beautiful scenery?

This is not an easy question to answer as Germany has so many areas of outstanding natural beauty. I would encourage you to take your vehicle or hire a car so you can commit some time to exploring the country rather than staying in just one place. You definitely should not miss out on the Romantic Road through Bavaria. Expect vineyards, castles and the foothills of the Alps. There are so many picturesque places to visit along this route. It can get busy so you are advised to stay at a hotel to really enjoy the area once the tourists have gone home. It is easy to make a Ebooking and to extend your stay in such a wonderful area. Depending on your particular interests you can find scenic drives that will take you to lots of castles or lots of places linked to fairy tales. If you visit the Rhine or the Moselle, make sure you check out dates for festivals and indulge in those very lovely wines.

Historical sites in Germany

Although it is important to acknowledge the part Germany played in the world wars, it has a long history and you can learn a lot when visiting the country. Top of my list for locations to visit next time I am there is Neuschwanstein Castle. It was the life’s work of King Ludwig the Second of Bavaria. However, I am more likely to get my children to visit by telling them it is featured in Sleeping Beauty and in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. You could actually do a castle crawl in Germany taking in Hohenzollern, Linderhof and Herrenchiemsee. The icing on the cake is a visit to he Sanssouci Palace known as the “Prussian Versailles” in Potsdam near Berlin with its magnificent gardens. Of course, if you find yourself there how could you miss a visit to the Berlin Wall Museum?

Tourist options in Germany

You have so many diverse choices when you visit Germany. If you love to shop, the cities have shopping malls including designer outlets. You also have local markets where you can indulge in chocolate, beers and buy your souvenirs. You can head to the coast for a seaside holiday or try skiing for a more exhilarating holiday. You could choose to go cruising on the Rhine. There really is something for everyone when you visit Germany.

Do you have a favourite place to visit in Germany?









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