5 Underwear Hacks You Need to Know

Your underwear may seem like one of the simplest garments you own, but really it could benefit from a little more attention than you might think! Underwear is the foundation of your wardrobe and could make or break how you feel about your outfit. With that in mind, there are some key underwear hacks that can help you get the most out of your underwear collection.

From little things like organising your drawer to how to wash your delicates properly, Scrumpies of Mayfair bring you top 5 underwear hacks you should know!

1. Sorting and organising

It may sound incredibly obvious, but take some time to sort through your existing collection of underwear! Not only does this give you a good idea of what you own, it can also highlight what your underwear collection is missing.

While you might sort through your wardrobe often, we can bet that your underwear drawer is at the bottom of the priority list. Make sure you throw out any old or worn out pairs and take your collection back to basics.

Once you’ve sorted through your collection, it’s time to organise what you’re left with. Consider organising your underwear, whether by colour, style or even material. This can make your morning routine ten times easier.

2. Keep your favourites handy

Everyone has a favourite pair of knickers and it’s usually a style that you can wear with almost anything. If you’ve discovered your favourite pair, stock up! Don’t just keep one pair to hand; buy a few to see you through the week.

Whether it’s a full coverage brief to make you feel more confident, or a fancy style that puts a spring in your step, make sure you have more than one pair!

3. Wash your delicates with care

Looking after your underwear is the key to making it last longer. With many pairs of underwear, delicate materials are often used. Many people advise washing your underwear separately, but this can quickly become a chore.

Instead, look out for handy products like a washing bag. You can put your underwear in the delicates bag and throw it in with the rest of your laundry! This can help to protect your underwear from any damage caused by the washing machine or dryer.

4. Choose the right style for your health

Your nether regions can be very sensitive and there are some underwear styles that are better for you than others. For everyday wear and especially when you’re doing exercise, cotton underwear is best as it is the most hygienic.

We bet you didn’t know that underwear could have an impact on your health. Take some time to read up on the best kind of underwear for your health and you could reduce the risk of encountering any unwanted problems!

5. Focus on comfort

Above all else, your underwear should be comfortable to wear! Your choice of undergarments should offer the right support and coverage that you find the most natural and comfortable.

There is little point in wearing sexy underwear that digs in all the wrong places, just to impress someone else. Your underwear should make you feel great, before anyone else!

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