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Rydale tweed blazer review – the country classic

As a Yorkshire lass who lives in the countryside, I was delighted to be asked to review an item from Rydale. It is always good fun to jazz up your winter wardrobe.  I chose a new short, sharp and stylish tweed blazer. I have wanted a blazer for some time and was thinking of a Navy Blue one but Rydale Clothing offers such a selection in different tweeds. So without further ado from this country lady, here is my Rydale tweed blazer review.

Rydale tweed blazer review

The first thing to comment on is the quality of the blazer. It is so clearly durable and made from hard wearing 100% British Wood. I chose a green tweed but Rydale Clothing have so many colour options to choose from. My blazer arrived at just the right time as the seasons changed and temperatures dropped. It is wool so it is warm which is perfect for this time of year.

Rydale Tweed Blazer


I ordered in one size and then decided to go up one size as advised by Rydale clothing. You need to bear in mind that depending on the season and the temperature you may wish to wear more than one layer under the blazer. There is also the individual issue that I have of bingo wings so I find often jackets can be tight and restricting in the sleeve. My Rydale tweed blazer fits me perfectly and shows off my recent weight loss nipping me in neatly at the waist.

Another thing about size I love is how tweed blazers are offered in different lengths so you can find one that you feel most comfortable wearing.

Price and care

The Rydale Clothing company is not a cheap and cheerful brand. It provides luxury country classics at a fair price point. You have to remember these sort of things are classics so you can wear them for many years. As I write this post the tweed blazer I love so much is in the sale for £127.50. I would have flinched at that price but now I have this great country classic, I would pay that price happily and more to be honest.

This is a quality item that needs to be dry cleaned. Under no circumstances should you put it in the washing machine or tumble drier. You can iron it with a medium iron.

Rydale Tweed Blazer

Accessorizing your blazer

You can find lovely shirts from Rydale clothing to complement your blazer. I would go for a plain colour but they do have patterned ones available. If you take my advice and go one size up, there is plenty of room for a jumper when the temperatures drop. I enjoyed wearing jeans with my blazer for my  mini photo-shoot but have lost a lot of weight recently so my jeans are baggy. I think the jacket would look better with tight-fitting jeans such as skinny jeans or a good boot cut pair.

Compliments on the Rydale tweed blazer

I don’t usually wear a country classic look. So although I loved the jacket, I felt a little nervous. My husband said it looked “really good.” If you know my husband you will know this equates to another person’s “absolutely superb.” I actually wore the blazer for the first time in public in France. Now French women just have a chic air at all times I find so I don’t expect to compete. However, I entered a bar and was showered with compliments from both women and men.

There is also something about the fine tailoring of the blazer that makes you stand taller which always makes you look better I find. I struggle with self-confidence sometimes but even had to admit I look good in this tweed blazer.

Rydale Tweed Blazer

In conclusion, I would urge you to take a look at Rydale Clothing and add a bit of the  country classic into your wardrobe. What would you choose?




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