5 Unique Fundraising Ideas We’re Sure You Haven’t Heard Of

Donations help non-profits, schools, and charities to work efficiently. Many people will give without needing anything back other than a “thank you.” It makes them feel good and helps build their self-esteem. 

However, when people get something in return for their donation, they’re more likely to give, which is why fundraisers are so successful. We’ve all seen the group of teens offering a car wash for their sports team’s upcoming season, but what about something more unique. 

We’re going to go over five original ideas for your next fundraiser.

Custom Socks 

Many organizations will sell t-shirts, hats, or sweatshirts, but how many do you know that sell custom socks? They’re comfortable, necessary, and come in all types of designs. It’s a perfect vessel for a fundraiser. 

You could use high-quality custom softball socks from Elite Sport Socks to create your design. It’s possible to add your logo, words, images, and choose any color combination you’d like to represent your company. Sell them at a fair price, and the proceeds can all be donated. 

Hermit Crab Race 

Everyone loves a little sports gambling, but we’re sure they’ve never bet on hermit crabs. You can team up with your local pet shop to help you facilitate the race. People can choose their critter and pay a registration fee, which would be the donation. 

The hermit crabs are set in the middle of a table that has a protective barrier. They’re contained in an upside-down bowl, which is taken out at the beginning of the event. The crabs race to the edge of the table, and whoever wins gets a prize. 

This is an excellent idea for children that’s light-hearted, doesn’t harm the hermit crabs, and is a unique fundraiser.

A Cooking Competition 

We all think we have the best recipes from the generations before us, so why not put them to the test. A friendly cooking competition is an excellent idea for a fundraiser. The participants will cook using their own resources, and the tasters will have to pay to eat. 


The money from the testers will be donated. Everyone can go around to judge the many dishes. The winners can receive a prize and the bragging rights to having the best recipe. It’s fun for those who love to provide food for others and those who enjoy eating it, which is almost everyone.

Community Yard Sale 

Instead of having little road site sales all around the neighborhood, why not one big one? Members of the community can bring items they don’t want anymore and donate them for free. 


The organization can then have a reasonably priced yard sale, and all of the profits are donated. People will love to look around at the unique things from the town and can find a new treasure for their own homes.

Local Concert 

There are plenty of local musicians that simply love performing. Find local bands and singers who want to get together for a concert. Depending on the number of people that get back to you, it can be organized with a limit of 3 songs per artist. 

The spectators will have to pay an admissions fee, which will be used for the donation. It’s a great way to get folks together and enjoy live music. 

The Bottom Line 

Fundraisers are a great way to raise money to be donated for a charity, school, or non-profit organization. The amount made by these events can do so much good for the community. 

Some unique ideas are selling custom socks, hosting a hermit crab race, a cooking competition, a community yard sale, or a concert with local performers. People will be lining up at the door to get in because it’s something new and fun. 


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