Love lives in lockdown

Our love lives are so important. They make us happy and give our lives meaning. We know the rules of love in normal times. As we know with the arrival of Coronavirus, we live in anything but normal times. So how are our love lives faring in lockdown? People all over the world are conducting relationships in a whole new way.

Separated by lockdown

I am separated from my husband in lockdown due to a strange twist of Fate. We have really struggled to cope and to communicate. We have had over 20 years together with only the odd night apart due to work events. We got together very quickly after falling for each other moving in pretty immediately really. So this is a weird time for us. It has become clear that we don’t really know how to communicate in lockdown. What is the right  way? Phone calls where we have little to say? Texting? Emails? Whatsapp? In the end texting seems to work best. Every relationship and couple will be different. Thank goodness we have so many technology options available or it would be far more challenging. Creative couples might try video calls via things like Zoom to keep conversation and passion alive. The truth is some relationships will not survive lockdown as couples who are separated reflect on the weaknesses in their relationships. Others will thrive and become deeper love connections. With the tech and the will to experiment with things like a Cornwall sex site, the sex side of things could be fun too!

Together in lockdown

I know someone who has just moved in with her boyfriend as lockdown hit. Now we always get surprises and shocks when we stop  dating and start living together. That is because we present our best selves when dating and can hide the less pleasant sides of our personalities and behaviours. Even the best couples in the world would struggle to be in each other’s faces 24 hours a day, 7 days per week. Yet this is what lockdown has asked of us. Men who might have liked the idea of lots of sex before may feel a bit harassed by their partners and vice versa. It is not sexy to have make love through boredom or a lack of anything else to do. If this is starting to cause a strain, there are a number of things that people can do to help lighten the burden that sex may have become, including experimenting with toys like an se doll to enable one partner to get their satisfaction when the other is not feeling like they particularly want to have sex. It’s important to work through any strains together so that they do not end up damaging the relationship, especially as you may be living with them for a while now until things calm down in the world.

Tips for love in lockdown

Communication is key whether you are together or apart. You need to be really up front and honest about your feelings. It is OK to reveal the bits of your love or sex life that you are struggling with. In fact that is the best thing to do. Most issues can be resolved when people share with each other in an authentic way.

Have fun – daft times, laughter, doing things you used to do as a couple and finding online versions if you are separated. Sex is possible whether you are together or apart if you get a little creative particularly by checking out

Give each other space and don’t take offence when someone needs that time alone.

Don’t make any  rash and speedy decisions about moving your relationship to the next level or ending it altogether in lockdown. There are rumours of lots of divorce petitions at the moment much like the time where couples are forced together over Christmas. Give it time and take stock once the  new normal post-lockdown emerges.


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