How to Find a School That’s a Good Fit for Your Child

If you are searching for a new school for your child, whether your child is moving up to a higher educational level or you are moving to a new area, your child’s interests, strengths, and any specific needs will be the best guidelines to help you make the right decision for them. Your main priority should be finding a school that allows your child to grow, learn, and develop their potential in a safe, caring environment.

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Research the School Online:

Before you visit, researching the school online will help you get answers to a range of standard questions that you might have. For example, you might be wondering if the school adheres to any specific religious beliefs, like, a Catholic school, or you may want to know the average class size, test scores, and other information that you can use to inform your decision as to whether you want to visit and learn more about the school.

Attend an Open Day or Arrange a Tour:

Attending open house events or new parent nights can help you with a start point to learn more about a school. These events are often designed to cover information that generally applies to any families that are interested in sending their child to the school, and you can expect to have a lot of your questions answered. However, bear in mind that staff have prepared to make sure that a good impression of the school is given to the public at these events, so it might be a good idea to call the school and arrange a time to visit on a regular school day so that you can get a more complete picture of what day-to-day life is likely to be like for your child if they attend.

Consider Your Child’s Needs:

No parent wants to send their child to a school that does not ensure that their basic needs are met, especially if your child has additional needs. But even children who do not have disabilities may still have other needs that are unique to them, so keep this in mind when you visit the school and get an idea of what your child’s experience is likely to be. For example, if your child suffers from allergies or a health condition such as asthma, you will likely want to know if there is a full-time nurse available at the school.

Extracurricular Activities:

While it’s important to know which curriculum the school follows and what your child will be taught, it’s also worth finding out what else is available for your child to get involved in. Are there after-school clubs or sports teams that your child can become a part of? Are the students encouraged to try new hobbies and given plenty of opportunities to socialize and learn life skills along with the standard classroom teaching?

Different factors will be important to you and your family when seeking out a school for your child, so it’s a wise idea to make a list of everything that you want in a school and use this to refer to as you search for the right one.

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