How To Nurture Your Child’s Creative Brain In A World That Doesn’t

Children are curiosity seekers. From the moment they are born, they engage that curiosity to unravel different things around them. Let’s give you some examples.

  • Have you ever seen a newborn following an object through sounds and facial expressions?
  • A 2-year old playing a pretend game of being a garbage collector to figure out things.

That’s how a baby starts learning things through the power of curiosity, which further triggers the creative minds that help them adapt to the changing world around them. However, many people assume that creativity is something that a child is born with. But that’s not true. It’s a skill that one develops when growing up.

The only thing that one requires to achieve the highest level of creativity is to “nurture” it right from the beginning. But what’s the magic formula to do that?

Keep reading, and you’ll find out!

Think of Creativity as a Muscle

Wait! What are you talking about? Is that what’s in your mind right now after reading this? Well! Picture this. If you don’t exercise, your muscle will lose its inherent flexibility, right? In the same way, if you don’t keep on practicing or encouraging creativity in practical life, it will cease to exist.

So, stop engaging them in activities like watching TV, which is highly passive, and ask them to involve themselves in activities that foster them to develop a creative mind, such as reading aloud and taking a walk outside.

In fact, as per experts, if you start asking questions like “what if?” it will trigger their creative mind, thereby promoting their ability to think “out-of-the-box.”

Offer Them Harmless Supplies

Children love to explore things. But they require supplies to get into that creative bent of mind. For instance, if you find your child is inclined towards art, you can provide him/her with a wooden sketchbox, non-toxic paint, markers, and other necessary materials. Similarly, you can go for clothes or other dresses if they are interested in pretend plays, or clay if they wish to explore the world of craft, and so on.

Avoid Micromanaging Things

A child gets into his/her creative zone when given space to play freely. But often, parents impact their innate ability to be creative by bugging them for being messy. Facilitate their creativity by giving them the freedom to explore new things to develop their skills. So, you must always curb your instincts for making them clean the mess and stop expecting perfection.

Share Creative Ideas With Your Child

A child is a fantastic mimicking artist. They often see you and follow you. So, if you start sharing your ideas and let them learn from you. For instance, if you want to prepare something new, please include them in your creative process. That’s how they will know and get encouraged to do things differently.

To Sum, it All

Creativity is a tool that helps children develop a variety of skills and learn different aspects of life better. Nurture their creativity by involving them in fun creative activities every day to boost their abilities more.










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