Wimbledon-Readiness Guide For Mommies- How To Take Your Kids Along

A trip to Wimbledon will surely be on your bucket list if you are a tennis enthusiast. You will love the vibe and the crowd of the event as it attracts a large number of visitors every single day. But things may not be as simple if you have kids in tow as you can expect some challenges cutting through the crowds. Your teenager will probably love the experience as much as you do. But things are different for moms with young kids as they must prepare well to engage the youngsters while enjoying the matches. Luckily, mommies can have a great time at Wimbledon, provided they plan well enough. Here is a guide that can help make the experience hassle-free.

Know the rules

The All England Lawn Tennis Club (AELTC) defines some rules for Wimbledon spectators, and everyone must obey them. You may have to go the extra mile as a mommy bringing her kids along. Children under five are not permitted into the show courts, including the Centre Court and courts 1, 2, 3, 12, and 18. Also, you have to supervise your kids at all times. A parent or adult must be with children under 16.

Follow the etiquette

Besides following the rules listed by the AELTC, you must also know the unspoken etiquette for the tournament. Every spectator has to abide by it, and children are not an exception. Let them know that they are expected to behave a certain way in the courts and on the grounds. They are not allowed to stand, shout, or cheer during points. You must also dress your kids appropriately rather than bring them in their nightshirts.

Ditch the queue

The last thing you want to do at Wimbledon as a mommy is to struggle for the tickets. So you must ditch the queue and opt for debentures. It is the best way to get Wimbledon Tickets 2022 because the crowd is likely bigger after a couple of slow years. Moreover, it is better to maintain a distance even as the virus is not as threatening as before. You may still get infected in the queue. So you must surely spend on debentures as they are available online.

Plan your budget

Money is another factor to consider when it comes to Wimbledon readiness for mommies. While you do not have to buy tickets for kids under five, they are charged at the full price for the older ones. You may have to shell out a considerable sum for debenture tickets, but they are worth every pound. Besides budgeting for the tickets, you must have enough for other activities like commuting, food, and shopping. After all, your kids will surely want to dig into strawberries and cream when they see everyone else doing it.

Be ready with the essentials

As a mommy, you will probably know the significance of carrying age-appropriate essentials. Pack healthy snacks, lots of water, and hand hygiene essentials in their carry bag. Your little ones will need hats and sunscreen to stay sun-safe. But remember to carry raincoats and umbrellas because unpredictable rain spells are common at Wimbledon. Also, give the kids an ID card and your phone number in case they lose their way.

Wimbledon is an exciting place, and children love it as much as their mommies and daddies. But you must not bring them along without the basic prep. Follow these simple tips to make it a great experience for yourself and your children.


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