Weekly update – ups and downs

You find me lounging in my bedroom having a little me time as nobody wants or needs me right now. I am not saying that in a negative way. I have had years of people wanting my attention and it is quite liberating when they don’t. I have just left my son’s bedroom where we watched The Lost Kingdom on Netflix. I have checked in with my family overseas. My brother is in the middle of online singing lessons.

It is a little cold today so I am wearing a hoodie with a “She Who Dares Wins” slogan on it. Ain’t that the truth this week?

So what are my things to be happy about this week? At the risk of repeating myself I am eating and sleeping so well. We have fish and chips tonight and last night we had bangers and mash with a Borlotti bean sauce. It was delicious. Other regular meals here include pork belly with cauliflower cheese and poached eggs on toast. We tried some new burgers with cheese this week and had  lamb one night. I need to look for a great recipe with chicken thighs as I am taking my turn at cooking tomorrow night. I will probably use the slow cooker.

My brother and I sat down and made a meal plan for the week so that we can use up all the items in the freezer with a view to defrosting it. It is important to have little jobs to keep busy for me. I moved some furniture and cleaned up yesterday.

Our car broke down and got fixed and promptly broke down again. This is frustrating but it is a car. In these challenging times, we can get perspective on such things. Ditto with blocked toilets. People are losing their lives. If your families are alive and well we are blessed.

I get out for a walk with my son most days. He talks about video games and I listen. When we are indoors he rants against injustices in the world and that makes me proud. He will change society for the better in a big way in due course.

I got a niggling financial issue sorted today. Money worries are not fun so pleased to have got that resolved.

I had the most beautiful gold loafers sent to me to review. Over the top in a very good way and not the sort of thing I would buy for myself so felt like a real treat. I did treat myself to a blush pink hoodie from George at Asda. It is not my usual colour or style. I love how it covers my bottom. I also got shoes and a reversible black/brown belt ordered for my son.

Television wise I have enjoyed Normal People and Blood. You can take me checking out This Morning and soap operas as a given.

So overall this week has had a gentle pace with a surprise or two along the way. My big aim for the week ahead is to get more reading done.





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  • midlifesinglemum

    About the mushy peas – is it just peas mashed with maybe butter and salt? About the chicken thighs – if they are boned you could stuff them with a butter/garlic/lemon/pesto concoction a la Chicken Kiev. I’m still fantasizing about fish and chips. And I’m also doing less reading than I thought I would. Have a good weekend Kate, xxx

  • Kim Carberry

    Ohh! It must be nice not to be needed and to be able to relax.
    All of the food you are eating sounds so good.
    Things like broken down cars and niggly things being broken do put things into perspective. We have a bath tap which doesn’t work properly, my hose pipe burst and there’s nothing we can do about it at the moment but in the grand scheme of things it doesn’t matter. x

  • chickenruby

    I’ve been doing similar with my food planning, but that’s more about me being able to avoid shopping more than once a fortnight, but I’ve now got an online order sorted for me as well as my mums, having some kind of structure to the day, does help, and I do allow for downtime, like this morning when I didn’t get out of bed until midday. Hope you are well and you’re managing to keep in touch with your family far and wide

  • endardoo

    Your meals sound delicious, and nice to have the time to make them, and enjoy them. Normal people is good, isn’t it? I liked her book too. Quite divisive here, as Sally Rooney is such a young and succesful writer and her minimalist style has its champions and detractors in equal measure. #GlobalBlogging

  • loopyloulaura

    We are eating so well as I hve time to cook each day! But the endless snacks are driving me crazy! I’m glad things have been positive for you this week and thanks for linking up with #dreamteamlinky

  • Annette, 3 Little Buttons

    What a lovely catch up post. I’m very impressed by the meals you have been making! Have you found that having more time to yourself has given you more freedom in the kitchen? Great idea about the meal planning. This is something that we’ve been doing more of as it really helps to make sure things are being used. Enjoy your reading 🙂 and thank you for joining us for the #DreamTeamLinky xx

  • Tracey Carr

    Everything sounds so positive Kate and it is great to read. I have been realising myself of late the benefits of lockdown and the slowing down of life in general since the pandemic hit. We too are eating so well and are spending more time together as a family in the kitchen which I love because it is my favourite room in the house. You sound like you are in a really good place (literally and figuratively!) and I envy you the time you are going to spend catching up on reading. I would love some time for that but right now my babies keep me too busy so that will have to come later! #globalblogging

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