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Ways to get over depression and yes you can!

Are you looking for ways to get over depression? Are you wondering if it is possible for you to feel better?

As someone who was held back by depression for many years, I am sharing the things that helped me and hope with all my heart that they can help someone out there who is suffering.

Ways To Get Over Depression

Accept that you are not wrong for having depression

Depression is a medical condition. It does not mean you are a terrible or weird person. When you think that way, this is just a symptom of the condition and you can get better.

Ask for help

I know this is not as easy as it sound. You may well feel embarrassed, ashamed and hopeless. People might tell you to go and see your GP when you can barely make it out of the house. Sadly, people are not particularly great at working out what will help you so write it down in a letter, text or email reaching out for support and asking someone to help you help yourself.

Know that it is most unlikely that your children will be taken away from you

This was my biggest fear when I was depressed. I loved my children even if I could not cope with them. When did you last hear of someone having their children taken away because they were struggling with depression? I am not saying it does not happen but it is in the most exceptional cases.

Consider alternative treatments

I am on medication and it has transformed my life and very quickly too. That may or may not be the case for you too. “It is worth looking or asking someone else to research the various treatments for depression including talking therapies and some people find complementary therapies help too. In recent years, depression treatments like TMS have been developed, which do not require you to take any medication at all.

Find a creative outlet for your feelings

For me this was blogging but anything that takes your attention and expresses your individuality such as art, crafting or drama also works. You may also find some like-minded souls who can support you on your journey back to happiness.

Get out

I do know how difficult this is to do when you have a load of negative self-talk in your head and you are lacking in energy. All I can say is you will see the light when you start to see the light so do all you can to get outdoors and access the magical vitamin D. If you really can’t do it, look into light boxes.

Avoid self-medication

Alcohol and other substances we often turn to when feeling down are depressants so only leave you feeling worse. Go down the healthy eating route instead and make sure you keep hydrated well.

Please leave a comment if you have other ways to get over depression to recommend to those currently in a dark place.



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