The benefits of artificial grass

Are you like me in this lockdown period? I find myself looking past the person speaking on video calls seen on the television. I like to decide whether I like the look of their interior design. It is the same when it comes to seeing people showing what they are getting up to in their gardens. So for the first time in my life, I have become intrigued by artificial grass. My brother is having a garden makeover and I have advised him to look into the benefits of artificial grass.

The benefits of artificial grass

I think the top benefit to artificial grass is the way it looks so smart. It does not  get affected as your usual lawn by the ravages of the weather such as sunshine and rain. It is a guarantee of having a green and neat garden whatever the season. If you are a lazy gardener like me, you don’t need to worry about mowing. My brother gets stressed by dry patches on his lawn. You simply don’t have these worries with an artificial grass installation so if you can set some money aside, this is a wonderful investment in your outside space.

Who is artificial grass perfect for?

The environmentally-friendly – lawnmowers are bad for the planet as they cause air pollution. You save on water usage and costs if you are not watering a lawn.

Families with children – soft to fall on when playing and no nasty chemicals.

Those with busy lifestyles – many of us juggle so many responsibilities these days from employment and business to parenting and community work. Artificial grass means there is one less task to worry about.

The old and disabled – it is harder to keep up with garden maintenance as we age. Artificial grass means you keep a lovely outside space without wearing yourself out.

Pet-owners – artificial grass is sturdy so won’t get torn up like real grass when pets play on it. It is easy to remove pet waste from artificial grass too.

People with hay fever – no grass pollen to worry about

The house proud – there is no mud to be trampled into the home by pets and kids

Great places to use artificial grass

Roof terraces


Play parks

Around swimming pools


Retirement and care homes

Caravan and chalet parks

Golf courses

Hotels, bars and restaurants


Artificial grass can save you money

Although you do have to spend money on artificial grass initially, the costs of maintenance are super low. You don’t need to invest in a lawnmower, lawn shears, strimmers or rakes.  You can forget about things like weed killer, grass feed, pesticides and so on. As we have already said your water bills will decrease too which is important with so many of us on water meters.


When choosing artificial grass you have so many options in terms of colour, pile, length, density, texture, yarn and design options. It is very long-lasting and has a life expectancy of around 15 years through normal use.

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