How To Build A Duvet Fort

How to build a duvet fort according to kids

Duvet forts are fun to make with the children and the perfect rainy day activity. We built one yesterday and I was amazed how much learning there is in such a simple activity. Ask your children how to build a duvet fort and see what answers they come up with.


Before we started, I takled to the children asking them for their thoughts and feelings about duvet forts. They were both excited and put down their tablets happily enough.

They decided that the aim was to have fun and to learn about architecture. They had great ideas on the resources we could use and where to find them. This included raiding big brother’s bedroom and collecting duvets, blankets and pillows.

My daughter told me gravity and the laws of physics would apply! She felt it was important to get the foundations right and to think ahead on what might go wrong.

My son felt the fort should be spacious and that balance would be important.

The things we learned once we started was that we could lot our imaginations go wild so we ended up with a huge fort that had inside and outside areas including a patio and a roof terrace. Yes, I do watch too much A Place in the Sun!

As ever, you learn so much when things go wrong (great life lesson right there!). The chairs we used fell over until we put their backs against walls and beds. My idea of putting a bedspread in a drawer to hold it did not work. Nor did the fan I used and it ended up falling down. What was great to see was the inventive solutions the children came up with. I smiled as my son declared himself the “foreman” whilst my daugther quietly directed operations from a supine position.

I think our key learning was that you do need something like rubber bands or pegs to hold things in place. It is also good to have entertainmnment such as music to keep you going and the kids were quick to order refreshments too.

We all giggled at how keen our Beagle Stan was to get involved jumping on our roof at one point.

If you want to build a duvet fort, these top tips from Sleepy People will really help.

Do you have your own ideas on how to build a duvet fort to share with my readers?

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