What are Deep Pocket Sheets for Your Bed?

There was a time when bedsheets referred to the same type of product available in different designs. It was basically used to cover your bed and protect the mattress from getting wet or dirty over time. Although the purpose of bedsheets is still the same, their varieties have changed a lot. One of the most popular variety of bedsheets are the deep pocket sheets. These are generally used to fit over extra-tall mattresses. Deep pocket sheets come with additional spaces on the four corners that help the sheets to align itself with the four corners of the mattress. Thus, the name “pocket” is given.

Different Types

There are several mattresses that require deep pocket sheets. These mattresses may also have pillow tops, may be made of foam or latex, or may have special movement mechanisms. It is important for you to understand that the application of foam or feather tops onto any regular mattress with a normal height may also need the use of a good quality deep pocket sheet.


It is normally seen that regular pocket sheets easily fit mattresses that have a height ranging from 12 inches to 14 inches. If you have a mattress that has a height of more than 14 inches, you will need to use a deep pocket sheet. It is important for you to note that there is no standard height measurement when it comes to a deep pocket sheet. All you need to do is measure the height of your mattress and also check the height of the sheet to ensure that it will fit easily.

Useful Tip

It will not be a bad idea to use a regular sized flat sheet instead of using a deep pocket sheet. All you need to ensure is that the sheet is large enough to easily cover your mattress and allow you to tuck it in around the 4 corners and edges.

Some FAQs Answered

Many of you may have several questions and doubts in mind pertaining to deep pocket sheets. If you normally leave these queries unanswered, it will kill your urge to buy such a sheet for your mattress. Thus, some of the FAQs pertaining to deep pocket sheets have been answered under.

Why Should You Use Deep Pocket Sheets?

You will come across several mattresses in the market that come with in-built additional padding, normally in the form of euro top, tight top or pillow top. Although this is something great when it comes to your comfort, it would also mean that regular sheets may fail to fit them properly. This sort of problem may also arise if you add a separate a mattress topper to your existing bed. In such scenarios, deep pocket sheets can prove to be of immense help. These sheets are normally deeper than any other average sheet, especially at the 4 corners. As a result of this, deep pocket sheets can easily stretch over mattresses with pillow tops, thick mattresses or even mattresses with mattress toppers.

What Are Deep Pocket Sheets Made Of?

Just like ordinary sheets, deep pocket sheets are also made of various types of materials such as satin, flannel, cotton, and Egyptian cotton. It is important for you to know that the depth of the sheet has no effect on the material of the sheet or its quality.

How Deep Are These Sheets?

If you compare deep pocket sheets with ordinary sheets, which normally range from 7 inches to 14 inches, the former measures around 15 inches in depth and extra deep pocket sheets measure from 16 inches to 22 inches. It is a good thing to check the measurement before you decide to buy one. You will find the pocket depth mentioned on the product details whether you shop from a store or online.

Is It Possible to Get Deep Pocket Sheets for All Bed Sizes?

Just like ordinary sheets, deep pocket sheets are also available for all bed sizes, whether you have a California king bed or a twin bed. It is always better to measure your mattress and the bed before you decide to shop for deep pocket sheets.

How Are These Sheets Washed?

The way you wash your deep pocket sheets is basically dependent upon the material of the sheets rather than the size. It will be a good idea to refer to the washing instructions that you find with the sheet. It will be a good thing to use a large front-loading washer and dryer to wash bulky deep pocket sheets.

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