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Tips to make your living room a better place

The living room is probably the most important room in your home but what happens when it loses its allure? Maybe the decor is a little tatty or perhaps the furniture is past its sell-by date. Whatever the reason, we have collected some well-proven tips that should have your living room back to its former glory with very little effort.

Get best rugs for floors

If you are already making use of hardwood flooring, the next step should be to add some cool rugs. These can be plain or patterned but you will need to make in the surrounding colours and shades before choosing. The great thing about rugs is that you can shift them to another room if you feel like it or simply remove them until the winter when those hard floors start to feel a little cold on your bare feet. You can pick up some terrific bargains online and in the shops, so get out there and see what beauties you can pick up.

Let’s paint walls

The colour of your walls can have a terrific impact on how your living room is perceived so put a lot of thought into this process before deciding on a final shade. The rule is that lighter colours will give the impression of being in a larger room whilst warmer colours will make the room seem more welcoming. You should always consider the furniture and floor before finalising on the paint you choose and remember to canvass your friends and family for their opinions also.

Decorate with mirrors

Mirrors aren’t only for bathrooms and bedrooms and they really can add a whole new dimension to your living room. Their placement will make all the difference to a smaller room and can even help to distribute the existing light around the area with excellent results. Smaller mirrors are a wise choice for the living room and they can be acquired for a bargain price if you know where to shop for them.

Choose furniture with a lightweight appearance

If you are pushed for space in your living room, choosing furniture with a lightweight appearance goes a long way in creating the impression of more space. You can add table accessories to add style to these items so long as you always bear the overall theme in mind. Look for a sofa on legs as opposed to the traditional shapes and contemporary coffee tables usually work especially well in this type of environment.


Lighting adds so much quality to a smaller living room but can also help to make a larger one more attractive. Wall lights, in particular, can be placed wherever you like and if there is a lack of windows in your living room, use these in corners to banish those unwanted dark spaces.

Nowadays, we tend to be living in smaller spaces and if you follow these tips, your living room will give the impression of being nice and spacious despite the fact that it isn’t. we hope you enjoyed these tips and we wish you the best of luck in your next home improvement project!

Tips To Make Your Living Room A Better Place


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