Warming Up Your Conservatory For Colder Months

Warming up your conservatory for colder months

I have lived in a lot of houses and just about every type. Until very recently, I had never lived in one with a conservatory. I like to call ours the sun room but of course the winter months are just around the corner. I am considering how to warm up my conservatory when the sun is not putting in an appearance from painting UPVC doors to starting a cushion collection. Here are tips for warming up your conservatory for colder months.

Warming up your conservatory for colder months

I like the conservatory partly because there are no screens in there of any kind. It is my view is that phones, computers and televisions are taking over our lives way too much to the detriment of making good family memories. So I definitely want to use the room all year round especially as it has beautiful views over the garden and forest. If you want a dream conservatory take advice from a company like Projects 4 Roofing today.  What are the options for making a sun room have a warmer feel when the freezing temperatures strike?

Window shutters

I have found out that so much heat is lost through our windows and of course we have lots of these in the sun room I am considering the benefits of window shutters both for keeping us warm and also because some look really good. They can be pricey though so I may not be buying them anytime soon.

Spray painting doors and windows

Why are so many sun rooms so white? Ours if basically glass or white everywhere which does not add a warm feel. I like the idea of restoring our sun room with some warmer colours by arranging for the spray painting of the doors and windows. If I used the services of The Restoration Group I would inject some comfort but also express our individuality more.


The sunshine gives a lovely light in the summer but I plan for the conservatory to be a cosy hideaway in the coming months. I am going to look for some lovely lamps to give ambient light. My husband has also suggested us using candles and I guess these would give off a little extra heat too.


We have a white tiled floor in the conservatory so it will need the addition of warmer colours soon.  I like the floor in the warmer months so I don’t want to invest in carpet and underlay. However, I think some rugs in oranges and purples may be in order. Here are other flooring choices for conservatories.

Cushions and throws

I am going to go on a shopping spree to invest in some seasonal cushions. I quite fancy some with deer on them for some reason. I will add in some vibrant colours including reds. Finally whether my husband likes it or not, there will be some fleecy throws in the mix. I will drape some over the wicker furniture which can look harsh in winter and also snuggle up with the children under some others.

Do you have any tips for warming up your conservatory for colder months?












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