Rag and Bone Man Album

I have got back to listening to music again recently particularly in the evenings. I am doing my best to discover more modern artists as well as reliving the Eighties of course. With this in mind, I am tempted to try the Rag and Bone Man album.

My husband was the first person to introduce me to the Rag and Bone Man. I had not heard of him and thought it was a joke. Coming from the North of England as a child a rag and bone man was the person who came round buying and selling all manner of things. My husband said the Rag and Bone Man was a singer and my teenage son confirmed this telling me he was worth listening to.

I am impressed that the Rag and Bone Man album went into the charts at number one straightaway. Reviews are intriguing saying how Rory Graham’s debut album is an interesting mix of modern and classic music. It sounds like a fusion of blues and vintage sounds that I like but with the addition of hip-hop and a pop attitude.

I am also impressed by people who don’t just sing but actually write their own material too. I like the fact that Rag and Bone Man does not fit into a cliché of a pop star in looks or material. It is great that he has succeeded as a recording artist but also as a live performer. He seems to have the knack of being popular across the globe which is a feat many a musician never quite pulls off however famous they become in their own country.

As for my first impressions of Rag and Bone Man, it turns out I was not that far off the mark after all. The name comes from a memory of watching Steptoe and Son on the television.

Are you a fan of Rag and Bone Man?





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