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My Fashion Choices Over the Years

My fashion choices over the years vary a lot. I was blessed with a mum who was brilliant at putting clothes and textures together. She had real style as my husband commented when he first met her. She could rock sparkles and I always loved her in a smart blazer and country-style skirt.

I don’t think I have a natural flair for fashion or perhaps it just got lost somewhere along the way. I have a milestone birthday next year and think I might take that as an incentive to experiment with clothing once again. As with many areas of my life, it has been far too long!

My late brother always told me that I would channel the Bay City Rollers with lots of tartan as a young girl. I think all of us who grew up in the Eighties were influenced by people like Adam Ant and the New Romantics. Musicians certainly still influence fashion choices as I guess singers are always icons of a certain era.

When I was a young teen, my Mum despaired as she wanted me to rock any sort of style and I was just happy with jeans and a jumper. I remember investing in a short white cheese-cloth dress for the Leaver’s Do at school. It’s a shame we don’t keep the outfits from milestone occasions.

When I attended university, there were lots of dos where you had to dress up and fortunately as my brother worked at Monsoon, I always had good stuff including lovely party dresses and a couple of amazing ball gowns. As yes, dear reader, I did live a little once upon a time! My favourite outfit was my crimson ra-ra suit matched with a black lace body from Marks and Spencer. I always felt amazing in that which was great as I have always lacked confidence so it became a bit of a go to outfit. I wore black a lot then although a good male friend said he much preferred me more floral things especially a Laura Ashley dress.

When working outside the home, I loved a long wrap around skirt and smart tops and preferably with a jacket. I love jackets – they just add a certain something much like scarves do.

I have had fun with accessories particularly statement necklaces and wide chunky belts.

So what happened? Well, I don’t suppose I am in alone in that I put on weight and felt pretty exhausted through many of the earlier years of parenting. Combine that with trying to make ends meet and depression and you swiftly see me making friends with dark leggings and baggy T-shirts. Yes, they are practical but I do think we lose something when we take on that particular uniform.

So 2018 is going to be the year I get back into enjoying clothes as an expression of self and not just as a way to keep warm and decent. I might even share some of my valiant attempts online.

What fashion choices or mistakes have your made over the years?

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