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Blogger interview with Sam – Stressed Mum

Today I am delighted to share my blogger interview with Sam from Every blogger has a different journey and I hope you enjoy reading about Sam’s as much as I did.

Blogger Interview

Why did you start to blog?

I used to love reading blogs, but when my daughter was approaching leaving primary school I decided to start my own blog, even if it was just for me to read back on.

How did you feel when you started blogging?

I felt a little lost, as our lives were changing and my daughter would not need me as much and I felt I needed to do something for me.

How do you feel about blogging today?

It has become part of my life. My blog is all me and it is something I can have full control over. I can share my tears and laughter. It can be very therapeutic. It can also go the other way and become manic and very stressful. But I just take a deep breath tell myself I am in charge and go at my pace.

What is your proudest achievement related to blogging?

When someone comments or messages me privately about a certain topic I have
written about. Usually chronic illness which is great to be able to spread the word about. Last week I got a nomination for someone’s blog of the week who is a new follower. Tt is the little things that I find the biggest achievements.

What is the most exciting event you have attended as a blogger?

I rarely go to blogger events, but I went to the Chocolate Show recently which was amazing

Do you monetize your blog and, if so, how?

I do by hosting sponsored posts and also the occasional advert

What do you find most challenging about blogging?

For me it is the constant social media and keeping a presence out there. There is a lot of work that goes into blogging that a lot of people do not understand.

What surprised you most about blogging?

The blogging community as right from day 1 of blogging I have been amazed at how supportive it is. Everyone will offer advice or even pass on opportunities to others.

How do you balance blogging and family life?

My life has changed a lot since I started blogging, due to my daughter’s illness. I find that I can work my blog life around my family life. I can be here for her and can just drop everything if needed, as it really is not a 9-5 job.

What would lead to you giving up blogging?

I really can not see why I would want to give up blogging.

What is your top tip for a new or inexperienced blogger?

Join a great bloggers’ group. You can ask any question and get honest replies. No question is too stupid to ask and we all started somewhere.

Is there anything else you would like to share?

For anyone who has thought about starting a blog, I would say go for it, Honestly is the best thing I have ever done and have made so many friends along the way.

Huge thanks to Sam for sharing her story and if you would like to take part in my blogger interview series, please do get in touch.

I hope you enjoyed this blogger interview and are inspired to start your own blog.

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