What to Do If Your Child Hates School 

While we may all wish that our kids will adore every second they spend at school, that is realistically never going to be the case. Children are bound to feel frustrated at times, be it the workload or problems with friends giving them anxiety over their school experience. What can you do when that turns into full blown hatred for school? To guide you through some of the things that you can do, an independent school in Surrey has put together some tips of what to look out for and how to react if your child hates school. 


When your child tells you that they hate school, it may be a knee jerk reaction to dismiss the statement out of hand. Don’t. There’s a reason they’re feeling frustrated or anxious about going to school. What you have to do is make sure they feel they can tell you what that problem is. Ask them to expand, be supportive, and they may well provide an answer. 

Avoid Days Off 

While having a day off can ease your child’s anxiety about going to school, it will never fully address the problem at hand, and can create a bad routine. If your child has anxiety towards school, avoidance of school itself will only make that anxiety worse in the long run. 

Talk to Teacher 

If you do find out that your child’s issue with school originates from within the classroom, meet with their teacher. They may well have noticed the change in attitude too, and will likely be able to provide more context to the situation. If you’re both on the same page, you can work together to improve your child’s attitude towards school.

Stay Positive 

Whenever talking about the school and the teachers, try not to fuel your child’s negative view. Be empathetic in your responses, but don’t fan the flames; staying positive about school can help your child feel more comfortable toward the idea of going in the long run. .

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