Understanding Your Child’s Learning Style

All children are different when it comes to the ways in which they learn. Some techniques will work for some, while others may need a different approach. Understanding how your child learns is crucial to their development. There are four ways you can identify your child’s learning style, and thanks to an independent boarding school in London, here are some helpful tips to identify just what your child’s learning style may be… 

Visual Learner 

If your child responds more to visuals and tangible objects, like art, illustrated books, colours and toys, then they are most likely a visual learner. They will benefit from organising notes through colour (who doesn’t love color coding?), using brightly decorated flashcards and creating bright mind maps and diagrams to help them picture the information in a more engaging manner. 

Auditory Learner 

If your child responds to music, likes to carry a tune by humming or whistling, and is generally a little chatterbox, then they are more likely to respond to auditory learning techniques. This means reading out loud a lot, having conversations about the subjects at hand, as well as making up useful rhymes and sayings to help your child remember certain concepts and details. 

Reading/Writing Learner 

If your child takes to studying in quiet places, and loves getting lost in books or in stories of their own creation, then they are a reading/writing learner. Encourage your keen bookworm to write check point lists whilst they’re studying to help them organise themselves, whilst further encouraging them to continue writing notes in their own words when they go about their studying. 

Kinesthetic Learner 

If your child is more sporty and enjoys much more hands-on activities, then they are a kinesthetic learner! They will probably also find it difficult to keep still, so they will benefit from making studying a little more exciting. Try making up a game associated with what they’re studying, and find ways to keep their hands busy (something as simple as squeezing a stress ball will help), to keep them physically engaged with the studying at hand. 



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