Tips For Taking Photos Of Children

Tips for taking photos of children in the Autumn

Summer is over which means autumn is here (almost) now we welcome the arrival of the autumn season and it’s time to capture those memorable autumn photos of your kids and family. Getting natural looking photos can be tough, no matter what time of year. Luckily, the vibrant colours and amazing fall foliage provides a stellar back drop to even the most awkward poses. Here at top tips for taking photos of children in the Fall.

Here are some of our favourite tips for the best autumn photos

If you have school age children the first item on your to-do list should be dressing them in a fabulous fall outfit like this one from serendipity clothes for girls

Adding some fun accessories can be another classic way to spice up a more basic top and give your outfit some autumn flare, we are loving the idea of adding this pin (pictured above) to any outfit. Once you have the perfect wardrobe options picked out, think of some fun activities to have your kids participate in. Avoid the forced awkward poses, everyone loves a leaf fight, or jumping in a big pile of leaves. These are some of our favourites when it comes to ‘action’ shots.

Ever considered having a scavenger hunt for you kids? This helps make taking pictures less about actually taking pictures and more about having fun. Have your kids look for certain colour, shapes, and sizes of leaves or find a buried treasure. These create picture perfect moments and keep your kids happy too!

Depending on the age of your children certain activities may not be age appropriate so it’s important to find something that works for babies and toddlers too. During the autumn months how can we resist a baby playing peek-a-boo with a big leaf? Get those sweet baby and toddler giggles out by building a leaf tower on your head and pretending to sneeze so they fall off.

Just as with school-aged children, finding the perfect outfit for your baby or toddler is important, especially since these will be the photos your kids. One thing we like to advise against is having your kids all be in matching clothes. Avoid having everyone blur together by finding similar colours themes to dress each child in, without having them wear the exact same thing. Try looking for a unique baby outfit at a local boutique for young kids you might stumble across some gems like these!

Autumn Photo

Have you given some thought to staging some props? We agree, certain props can be tacky during autumn photos. Let’s be honest how many times do we have to see your baby inside a pumpkin? Consider using props but choose more authentic and natural pieces to add to your pictures. Add mums, haystacks, a bucket of apples, gourds, pine cones, or even a scarecrow into the mix. While props are not completely necessary they give another element to your photos and can be fun for kids to explore during the session.

Of course, after all is said and done when it comes to autumn photos don’t forget to have fun! Hit up the local cider mill for a delicious donut and fresh pressed cider after to reward everyone for their winning smiles and making lasting memories!

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Do you have top tips for taking photos of children to share with my readers?

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