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Regular readers know I am sharing a house with my older brother following the most challenging year of my life. I am in a new country and my marriage has collapsed after more than 20 years together. It feels so odd to be operating as a single person and parent without my wing man who has remained overseas so we can’t even chat face-to-face. I am living out of one room in many ways and that is a shared one. My treasured possessions are overseas with not date set for when I might get them back. My emotions are all over the place so I am seeking therapy to help me with that. My first appointment proper is on 26th of this month  and I can’t wait. I am struggling in a new job and generally life is a bit of a challenge even without the global pandemic going on.

An email popped into my inbox asking me to review something from Bedroom Athletics and it was a bit of a boost in a sad time. Regular readers will know that the name of the company amused me on end. Fear not! It turns out they are known for making luxury slippers and beautiful bedtime wear since 2007. Their mission then was to ‘ban boring bedwear’ and to make feeling comfortable at home a beautiful experience too. At Bedroom Athletics they believe you can be comfortable and comforted without sacrificing style.

As I had slipper boots bought for my birthday and pyjamas for Christmas I decided to treat myself to a cushion and a throw. I have had many cushions over the years although they were not really at play during my relationship as my husband did not like them. Throws came into the home as my  husband hated me having a duvet on me on the sofa for comfort, warmth or naps. However, I find throws really vary in quality.

I am pleased to say the cushion and throw I was gifted by Bedroom Athletics were of a really luxurious quality. They are not cheap but affordable if you think you deserve a treat. My only issue is that my teenage daughter loves them and so I have lost them already lol.

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