Learning Music to Heal Your Mind and Body

‘As a baby, music would stop whatever thought I was having.

If I was worried, it would stop me worrying. If I was crying, it would stop me crying.

Music was a healing thing for me.’

–          Andrea Bocelli

The connection we have with music can’t be explained. We need songs for everything we do whether it is meditation, yoga, or study. From randomly humming a melody to tapping pens on our desk creating beats, we have surrounded ourselves with music. But have you ever thought about why we love music so much?

The University of Maryland Medical Center disclosed that “Music is an effective stress reducer in both healthy individuals as well as people with health problems. Research finds that listening to calm music can lower blood pressure, heart rate, and anxiety levels in heart patients.”

Not just listening but learning and playing instruments also help in healing your mind and body. It helps in minimizing stress, calming anxiety, improving cognitive performance, and much more.

Learning an instrument may appear to be overwhelming but believe me, it is not rocket science. According to experts at, you don’t need some special skills to learn music, just patience and willingness to learn is more than enough for you. You can explore different genres of music and can learn whatever you like the most. With some practice and time, you can acquire skills in music and can also relieve your stress.

Here are some factors which prove how learning music can help in healing your mind:

Music as therapy:

Learning how to play music with tumbao variations changes the structure of our minds in a manner that is to some degree similar to how actual exercise conditions our muscles. It’s a great hobby everyone should learn, a simple guitar from allaxess is more than enough to make a great piece of music that relaxes people’s minds. Numerous clinical research studies have proven temporary cognitive advantages associated with listening to good music, including increased speed of processing information, improves creativity and concentration.

Music to build confidence:

Learning music means the opportunity to perform it in front of people. Your audience can be small or large, your family members or friends; it doesn’t matter. Performing for these people will help in boosting your confidence, self development and also making a strong bond.

Music to heal insomnia:

According to a study from the University of Louisville School of Nursing ‘Classical and New Age music helped 24 of 25 people with sleeping problems nod off more quickly, snooze for longer periods, or get back to sleep more easily after a middle-of-the-night awakening’ as music releases stress and reduces overthinking, you can fall asleep way more easily and improve your sleep cycle as well.

Music helps in self-expression:

One of the reasons for stress and anxiety is not being able to express your thoughts. Listening to songs or playing instruments helps in understanding our emotions and expressing them.

To summarize, there is no objection to how music helps our mind and body to heal and perform better. Learning music instruments or just listening to it has a great impact on self-development. It improves our mood, builds confidence, and makes us feel happy and healthy. It heals us from within and makes us love ourselves for who we are.


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