Ways To Take Care Of Your Skin

Ways to take care of your skin

Ways to take care of your skin are highlighted in advertisements in magazines and on the television all the time. There is always something new when it comes to skincare, for example, private label cbd skin care products are becoming increasingly popular for those suffering with bad skin. Sometimes they seem to make grandiose promises of everlasting youthful looks and often they come with a high price tag. You may be considering cosmetic treatments to sort your skin out. Today I am looking at 5 ways to take care of your skin many of which will not break the bank and might even save you money.


My husband has recently stopped drinking as much alcohol as he was. I am amazed at how better he is looking facially. He really does look that much younger. I guess that makes sense as drinking dehydrates your skin and body generally. If you want to look older and tired, keep drinking alcohol! Doing so will almost guarantee that you will find yourself looking at dry skin treatments. If you cannot face cutting alcohol out completely, ensure you are drinking plenty of water. When you are having a tipple, ensure that you have a glass of water or a soft drink in between your alcoholic ones. Check out government guidelines on safe levels of drinking for men and women.


Sunlight contains ultraviolet (UV) rays which can damage our skin in terms of ageing but also lead to cancer. It is relatively simple to be more sun savvy. Spend more time in shady environments between 11am and 3pm. Cover up your skin with clothes and don’t forget that hats and sunglasses are helpful too. Make sure to use sunscreen with a high protection value.


My husband is a long-term and heavy smoker. I have never smoked. I think my husband looks older than his years. I always get complimented on my good skin. I accept I am blessed with good genes when it comes to my skin but I also feel not smoking has helped keep my skin looking good. Apparently, smoking reduces the skin’s natural elasticity breaking down collagen and stopping its production too. This is interesting as I understand collagen in under threat in the menopause and I notice my skin is drier these days. Smoking is actively reducing the blood flow to smokers’ skin so their skin gets less nutrients and oxygen. That can’t be a good thing! There are charities that can help you quit smoking and the NHS has tools available to you too.

Skin care products

It is ironic but some of the very products you are using on your skin could be damaging it. It is far better to use mild things on your skin. Harsh chemicals are not going to do your body any good and that’s no real surprise. You need to know your skin type and choose products that work best for your type. For example, alcohol-based things are not going to do your dry skin any favours. In a similar fashion, oil-based things won’t be your friend if you have oily skin.

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  • Jeanna

    I wish I would have thought about my skin when I was young but I guess we think about these things when it’s too late. Sun and smoke are the two things they say are worse for you skin but I’d like to add housework and things like doing the dishes. That really did a number on my hands and I think all the swimming I did in the pool didn’t help much.

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