How To Choose The Right Staircase For Your Home
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How to choose the right staircase for your home

There are many family stories of the time that my parents lived in a house with two staircases. It was great for hide and seek and my brothers have regaled me with how they used to run up one staircase and down the other. In my current home, I have an ordinary staircase and also a feature spiral one going from the lounge up to my son’s room. Staircases are often overlooked when it comes to renovating your home but they can make such an impact. I am sharing some tips on how to choose the right staircase for your home.


Regular readers know that I always give a caution about how we can let our design dreams run away with us and get into financial trouble. It is vital that you set a budget whenever you take on work in the home. If you have a limited budget for staircase refurbishment some materials and designs will not be possible but with a little creative thinking you can get something that is near enough to what you had in mind originally.

How to choose the right staircase for your home

The key is not to think about somebody else but to look at your individual circumstances. If you have a family with  small children, I would rule out choices that might prove dangerous. Safety is also an issue for older people as chances of falling go up from the age of just 50. Although you might want a trendy designer statement as a young couple who host gatherings a lot, do think about whether your circumstances are likely to change in the next few years.

Research design choices

Do not assume you know all the staircase choices out there. Spend some time researching spiral, straight, quarter turned and half turned staircases. When you see something you love, think about how well it will fit with the other aspects of your home. A very modern design may not look right in a traditional country cottage.

Material choices

Again do not hesitate to put time aside to research the different materials for staircases. Will you go for concrete, glass, steel, marble, wrought iron or traditional wood?


If you live in a listed building, there will be restrictions on what changes you can make to your home. Check these out before you do anything so that you keep on the right side of the law.

Do you have any tips on how to choose the right staircase for your home?


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