Tips To Achieve Self-Care For Mums
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Tips to achieve self-care for mums

I am always keen to help busy women and mums to invest in self-care. Today, I am delighted to share some top tips to achieve self-care for mums from Mona.

Mona is the founder of The Organising Ninja. She is based in the UK and is passionate about promoting a simple, sustainable, clutter-free lifestyle to the world! In her free time, she likes writing, reading, hiking and cooking.

Tips to achieve self-care for mums

Mums work around the clock to make ends meet for her family and home. They are ready to give their all for their children unconditionally. This very unselfishness can make them neglect themselves and their wellbeing.


It is common to see mothers suffering from burnout and stress. For the long term, it can affect their physical and mental health in a negative way. Thus, mothers must be wary of their own self-care. Franchesca Ramsey says: “Self-care is really about taking care of you and focusing on feeling good about yourself – mind and body”.

Finding time to even scratch your head can seem impossible. So, how would you find time to soak your feet in Himalayan salt water and rose petals?

Here are 5 tips to achieve self-care for mums of the modern 21st century variety:


Everything done by moderation and a reasonable balance is key. As much as you give for your family and home, you must give a sensible share to yourself as well.
List all your daily activities and categorise them as “family” and “me”. Put them in a grid and set your “me” tasks as important as your “family” tasks.

Time management

American actress, Michelle Williams, says she does good time management. How? By drinking her coffee and brushing her teeth at the same time! I don’t call that good time management, I call that weird multi-tasking!
Time management is the ability to plan and control how you spend the hours in a day to effectively accomplish your goals. The best way to manage your time successfully is using a calendar or diary and laying out your tasks for the day. You will eventually find slots in your agenda where you can invest in your self-care.

Meet new people

Change is good. So, why don’t you meet new people who are aren’t in your circle of friends? Check your community centre or networking events near to you. It’s worth talking about new topics and exchanging different point of views. You will broaden your horizons, gain positive energy and change your mood in general.


With all the pressures of family, commitments, and social media, you feel you want to pull the cable from its socket.
Find a slot in your agenda where your kids are occupied and you’re not expecting any calls. Then, for 15-30 minutes either:

· Do breathing exercises
· lay down
· walk
· listen to music
· meditate
· get a facial
· have a bath
· whatever makes you comfortable and happy

These breaks are important to release tension and stress from your body and mind.


As a mum, I know how hard it is to maintain a healthy diet. You have to keep your energy levels high enough to finish your marathon for the day. Instead of preparing that avocado and quinoa salad, you make a chocolate bar and crisps shortcut. It’s disappointing. I’ve been there.
The funny thing is you push your kids to eat their banana for their snack or their greens for dinner.
I can’t stress enough that YOUR diet is important as well as your kids’. So, try meal planning. Freezing small batches of soup and thawing it in the morning for lunch is working with me so well. It sustains me up to dinner time, especially my favourite lentil and carrot soup!
Discover news foods and learn to cook from other cuisines. Find recipes that are easy and practical to make, but nutritious for your soul, mind and body.

Do you have any powerful tips to achieve self-care for mums?

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