Taking Your Dog On Holiday With You
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Taking your dog on holiday with you

Taking your dog on holiday with you matters especially if like us you see your pets as part of the family. Holidays are times to make treasured memories and they can be enhanced if you have man’s best friend along for the ride.

Less stress taking your dog on holiday with you

It is so worrying to leave your dog behind. Kennels can be far from perfect and even family and friends may not look after your dog exactly as you would wish. We know how much exercise our dog needs and what food works best for him. If your dog is with you, you can leave these types of worry behind along with the heavy financial costs that can come via kennels and dog-sitting.

Be realistic

Having  said all that it is important to be honest with yourself when planning your holiday. If you intend to visit lots of famous sights, some of them many not be open to dogs. Stately homes and museums are unlikely to allow dogs inside although some will let you take them in the grounds and special areas. Research is important as many holiday accommodation providers will not want you leaving an animal unattended in their property. Doggy welfare should come first and obviously leaving them in warm cars is unacceptable too.

The perfect holiday with your dog

This is likely to take full advantage of the beautiful areas of the UK that you can explore in fun walks with your pet. We have stunning countryside and glorious beaches. Again, it is about researching where you can safely exercise your dog and be assured of a warm welcome. If you are like us when planning your adventures you will also want to check out genuinely dog-friendly pubs and eateries.

Where to stay

Check that your accommodation is genuinely pet-friendly perhaps by checking  out some reviews online. Also make sure you are aware of their rules around pets and that what they offer fits in with you and your pets’ needs.  Camping is an option but I tend to prefer a holiday cottage and remember a particularly lovely time on the Gower with our dogs.

You may want to check out Powells Cottage Holidays as they provide self-catering cottages across Wales with over 150 to choose from.

Other considerations
  • Ensure you have details for the local vets just in case
  • Pack the things your dog will need – food and water bowls, bed or blanket, toys, any medication
  • Plan your holiday route and your days out so you know where you can stop to give your dog a break from travelling
  • It should go without saying that you wipe up any dog mess so have those poo bags at the ready

Do you take your pets on holiday with you? What are your top tips for taking your dog on holiday with you?

You may be interested in advice on keeping children safe around dogs.

Taking Your Dog On Holiday With You


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  • absolutely prabulous

    Ah the timing of this…we got our very first dog just over a month ago so for the first time ever and sadly can’t take her with us on aeroplanes as she’s a dreadful traveller. I’m agonising over having to leave a pet behind while go on holiday! Really not looking forward to researching dog sitters etc as I really would love to take her with us and will miss her so much (said the woman who hated dogs and said she’d never get one!!) #bloggerclubuk

  • Nige

    I’m not a dog owner but if it was the right holiday I would take my dog Thank you for linking to #Thatfridaylinky please come back next week

  • Poe

    We love to take our dogs to the beach and it’s nice because there are tons of dog friendly eateries and such. It’s harder to go other places with them, though, as we like things like museums and exhibits. So, we often leave them with family.


  • mummyhereandthere

    I don’t have a dog but if I did I think it would be nice to have it come along and be part of the family X #twinklytuesday

  • Crummy Mummy

    We have cats so no, they don’t come on holiday with us, but there are lots of dogs in our family who always have to be catered for when we go away! It’s harder than you think! #twinklytuesday

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