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Australia is vast – leave the planning to the tour guides

Australia is most definitely tourism worthy, but if you asked someone why, you would probably get a lot of different responses. Some will say that the absolutely must-do things in Australia involve shopping, checking out the local flea markets, looking at the antiques and the local delicacies. While some will say that the beaches which are a landmark of Australia are unmatched all over the world, and should easily be your top priority. With so much to do, and so many conflicting opinions, it might be hard to form your own one and decide what you want to see the most. Depending on whether you find yourself to be a bit more adventurous than the average person and seek adrenaline pumping action mixed in with a few thrills here and there, or you just want to lay under a palm tree and take it easy while sipping on a mojito, your holiday plans will probably look pretty different. However, no matter how much you may think you may have researched or how well you’ve planned out your journeys, you will most probably miss something, and when you get back home, it is definitely going to bug you. If this is your first trip over to the glorious land of the Kangaroo, then a guided tour might be just the thing you need to fully enjoy your holidays. Let’s look at just three, but absolutely quality tours, which are most definitely worth taking a look at during your trip in order to enrich your Australian holiday experience.



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The big walkabout

Officially named “The big walkabout with sailing”, the title is pretty self-explanatory and presents what the tour’s contents about rather well. Lasting a total of 25 days and visits to over 20 cities, it is most definitely worth checking out if you are starving for some good cultural enrichment. With preemptively sorted accommodation, included transport and “authentic foodie experiences”, it is most definitely an appealing option to the explorer within all of us. Oh, and don’t forget the sailing as well!

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Great Barrier Reef Tours

The barrier reef not only has worldwide fame for being one of the most beautiful things on this earth, but also being the largest living organism, consisting of nearly a whopping three thousand (2,900) individual reeds just off the coast of Queensland. Its majesty can even be witnessed from space, and the biggest living structure on earth most definitely lives up to its name. Needless to say, it is most certainly worth seeing with your own eyes. Tours for the great barrier reef can be found on, so you can look into it and maybe even get your booking, way in advance.

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Kangaroo Island in a Day

What good would going to Australia be without visiting a renowned resting place of the iconic Australian Kangaroo? If you have a spare day in your schedule and happen to be fond of animals or just feeling a bit curious, why not make your way over to one of Australia’s most popular wildlife destinations? The tour starts in Adelaide, and you can make your way over to the island via ferry, coach or even air. When you are already there, you can expect a guided tour amidst the famous Australian Sea Lions, and a two -course lunch in a location which will leave you breathless in awe.

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