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Making your days easier with JML

Are you interested in making your days easier? If you are anything like me and juggling work, blogging, parenting and house-keeping, I expect your answer to be yes.

Now we can all get our heads turned by retail therapy and end up with items that are pricey and don’t actually help us. That is why I wanted to share JML’s favourite products for 2018 with you.

JML have a range of great kitchen, fitness and cleaning gadgets- perfect for making your everyday easier! I think it is brilliant that if your cookery and cleaning burden is lightened, you then have time to pursue fitness and any other hobbies.

Phoenix Copper Pro – £49.99


The unique combination of a HyperGlide™ Copper-Ceramic-coated soleplate and a built-in ProSteam Generator gives unbeatable levels of crease-removal for professional results.

I am more of a slummy mummy than a yummy one because I work from home. Let’s face it if you are going out to work or are in business, you need to look the part and creased clothing gives a poor impression. I think this comes in at a good price point too.

You could combine it with the next product from JML.

Ultimate FastFit Ironing Board – £9.99


With its unique 3-layer construction, the Ultimate FastFit Ironing Board Cover combines the non-slip qualities of a cotton-top cover and a thick felt underlay for a smooth, luxurious ironing experience.

I have worked with old and bad ironing board covers so feel this one is really worth investing in.

Hurricane Spin Scrubber – £39.99


With three interchangeable heads, spinning at an incredible 300rpm, and an extension pole that means you can reach every corner of your bathroom without bending or stretching, Hurricane Spin Scrubber will blast through grime and dirt.

I have received one of these to review and am so looking forward to sharing my findings with you very soon.

I do like sparkling clean bathrooms but they can be so difficult with baths in the way of where you want to clean and so much work up high and down low. So I am super-excited about this gadget which I think might even persuade the teenagers to get involved in housework. Well, a mum can dream!

Phoenix Gold Free Flight – £49.99


Phoenix Gold FreeFlight’s cordless design offers total freedom of movement combined with the power and versatility of a corded iron. This means you can iron with ease without stopping untangle the cord.

Ever Brite – £19.99


Days Easier

Ever Brite solar-charged security lights are the ultimate in peace-of-mind lighting. There are no batteries to change, they are easy to install with no screws and the motion sensor detects movement from 12 feet away.

I have always loved JML because they tackle the real issues of everyday life and make things that bit simpler.

Which product appeals to you most?

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