5 Places I Would Like To Visit Next Year
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Places I would like to visit next year

With my milestone birthday celebrated last week, I have promised myself to have a really positive year ahead. Although I travelled overseas a lot when I was younger, there was a real gap when I did not do so. Blogging came along and off I headed to the United States of America on a press trip but I  think it is high time I  broadened my travel horizons come the New Year. Here are 5 places I would like to visit next year.

Denmark – one of 5 places I would like to visit next year

When I was at school, I tried to organise a trip to Denmark with a group of teenage friends. I think the idea may have come from seeing the story of Hans Christian Anderson at the London Palladium or quite possibly from my love of Lego. I have even more reason to visit now as I did a DNA test and was very surprised to find I have a Danish heritage. I am excited at the idea that you can book a no fly cruise and sail from the UK to all the delights that Denmark has to offer.


When I first met my husband, I asked him where he would visit if he could choose anywhere in the world. It was great that he chose a country that I have dreamed of visiting too. Iceland just looks so very different. Needless to say life got in the way and we never did make that romantic trip to Iceland but it’s never too late! What’s not to love about waterfalls, hot springs and beautiful landscapes?


It’s not exactly the most far-flung destination but I would like to have a trip to Ireland next year. I have holidayed there before with family and friends. However, it is also where my birth family are and it would be great to make a trip with another adopted sister to meet our special relatives for the very first time. Long Lost Family and all that! In any event, Ireland is gorgeous with its mountain and coastal scenery not forgetting the craic!


I have never visited Italy which is ridiculous especially as my brother lived there for a few years working at La Scala in Milan. I think Tuscany always looks so beautiful and the people seem to have a great philosophy on life. I would also like to take my artistic daughter to Florence. Did I mention I am the biggest Italian food fan and dream of eating the genuine article in the country itself?


I cannot remember the first time I decided I wanted to visit Russia one day so I was clearly very young. It always seemed almost like another world entirely. Did you know it spans eleven time zones and two continents? I have always wanted to visit Moscow and St. Petersburg. Ideally I would take a long enough break to enjoy the vast diversity of the country with its rivers, forests and towering mountains. I can’t even imagine what the food would be like and how amazing it would be to immerse myself in such a different culture.

Where are you hoping to travel to next year? What do you think of the places I would like to visit next year?


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