Unusual Things To Do On Holiday In Italy
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Unusual Things to do on Holiday in Italy

Italy is one of those destinations that people dream about. Filled with the heady scents of mouth-watering Italian cuisine, Instagram-worthy ancient sites filled with history, and breath-taking scenery from rolling luscious-green hills to bright turquoise waters and sandy beaches. However, as a bucket-list worthy location, if you’re planning a trip to Italy then you may want to experience something a little different. To add an extra special edge to your Italian trip, here are some unusual things to do on holiday in Italy.

Unusual things to do on holiday in Italy

When you go on holiday, you might enjoy eating out at restaurants or perhaps you like finding local ingredients and cooking in your apartment. While both are great ideas, have you considered really immersing yourself in Italian cuisine?

Consider booking a class to learn from the Italians and find out how to make delicious authentic food. That way, you can expand your holiday by making delectable dishes that bring back lovely fun-filled memories.

Ignite Your Senses with Opera

Do you love music? Are you fan of classical music or the opera? Then you’ll love this! Operators like Opera Tours Italy have created holidays with itineraries that focus around opera. You can enjoy incredible performances, stay in luxury hotels and get to meet opera experts, for an amazing experience that you’ll never forget.

Be a Bookworm

While you may associate Italy with it’s incredible food, culture and history, did you know it’s also a paradise for book lovers? There are thousands of libraries across the country, from those housed in old buildings with elaborate vaulted ceilings, to modern glass structures. But for book lovers, there’s one place you must go: the Libreria Acqua Alta in Venice.

Consistently placed on lists of the most beautiful bookstores, this little shop is prone to flooding and so has come up with some novel storage solutions, including bath tubs and boats.

Explore Forgotten Lands

Italy has so many forgotten and abandoned places that are just calling out to be explored. However, sadly, many tourists forgo these, instead heading to the country’s biggest tourist attracts.

If you want to see something unusual, then consider the Valle dei Mulini, Craco village, or the deserted Monterano – you can find loads of abandoned and interesting places in Italy, here.

Italy is an amazing country, with so many places to explore. Whether you choose Rome, Venice, or elsewhere, hopefully these ideas will help you to have an incredible, once-in-a-lifetime holiday.

Can you suggest unusual things to do on holiday in Italy?

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